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A Nugget from Noam Chomsky

For those of you who enjoy debating with leftoids, here’s a bomb you can drop on them that comes from the mouth of one of their own, Noam Chomsky: Question: Professor Chomsky, one issue where I’ve noticed that activists get … Continue reading

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The Forest and The ‘Faustian’ Soul

Originally Published at The Imaginative Conservative Deep roots are untouched by frost. —J.R.R Tolkien It has been said that the Germanic soul and the forest are one and the same thing: the mythological Forest that contrasts the splendid isolation of … Continue reading

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EU Federalization: The Pan-European Manifesto (Paneuropa)

Originally posted on EU Funded Pro EU Troll:
Below is a translation of a document known as the Pan-European Manifesto, also known as Paneuropa. This is the founding document of the Pan-European movement. The original in German may be found here:…

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Check out my new page: Hate Facts

If you are looking for a whole bunch of Hate Facts to shiv leftoids and red pill normies, look no further than my Hate Facts page. It is a long list of various hate facts broken down my sections: Race, … Continue reading

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Freud the Fraud

In this installment of my Culture of Critique series, I will be examining the involvement of Jewish intellectuals in the psychoanalytic movement of the early 20th century. One of the most prominent figures in psychoanalysis, often considered the Father of … Continue reading

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White Nationalist Game

Originally posted on Chateau Heartiste:
The Reactionary Tree (Twatter handle @ReactionaryTree) created a trolling campaign that combines White nationalism with Game. Tinder is the medium of choice for the beta testing stage of White Nationalist Game (WNG). The line used…

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Anonymous Conservative’s Books: Free Today

If you have not read The Anonymous Conservative, then you absolutely must. He takes a deep look into the evolutionary psychology of the political landscape we see in our world today. He is one of my favorite EvoPsych bloggers. For … Continue reading

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