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The Intolerant Politics of Reality

  As I am sure you are all aware, on the day of the Presidential Inauguration our very own Richard Spencer was assaulted in Washington, DC while giving an interview. Surrounded by self- proclaimed anti-fascists, aka “antifa” who were waving … Continue reading

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Dugin on White Nationalists

I consider the “White nationalists” allies when they refuse the Modernity, the global oligarchy and the liberal-capitalism that kill the ethnic cultures and traditions. Modern political order is seen as essentially global and based on the purely individual identity. It … Continue reading

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The Alt Right: The American Resistance

The United States is a sick place. In 1958, famous poet Ezra Pound once noted that “America is an insane asylum,” and those words seem truer today than they did back then. Many Americans feel that the United States is … Continue reading

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A Nugget from Noam Chomsky

For those of you who enjoy debating with leftoids, here’s a bomb you can drop on them that comes from the mouth of one of their own, Noam Chomsky: Question: Professor Chomsky, one issue where I’ve noticed that activists get … Continue reading

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Our Values

We hear a lot of talk these days about “our” values. We hear that Donald Trump doesn’t represent “our” values. That immigration restriction is not one of “our” values. That the alt right does not represent “our” values. So I … Continue reading

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Strauss and Identitarianism

Leo Strauss is an important 20th century thinker on the American Right, particularly the neoconservative movement. He had a very strong Jewish identity, and viewed his philosophy as a means of ensuring Jewish survival in the Diaspora. Strauss believed that … Continue reading

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Deconstructing “Racism”

Race and racism have become central to modern politics. Nearly every political question, no matter how trivial or benign, is turned into an issue of race. Leftists thrive on non-white identity politics, while conservatives typically avoid the issue. They often … Continue reading

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