It is time to take our trolling campaign into the 3D world. If you recall back in 2015, there was an influx of White Student Union Facebook pages. Needless to say, this created a massive amount of butthurt. Targeting the universities for trolling should be a top priority. Students have become caricatures of flailing effete SJW crybabies. Recently, there have been some IRL trolling campaigns by Identity Europa and a TRS-affiliated group that have caused an uproar:

As you can see, they do not like it when their safe spaces are disrupted.

So the purpose of this page will be your one-stop-shop for various kinds of agitprop you can use for campus activism. Just take these files to your local Kinkos or Staples. For less than $50 you can cause your local university to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars combating your evil ‘racism’ by amplifying their anti-White diversity-multikult message.

For those who may be allies

Recently, Nathan Damigo of Identity Europa released a video where he talked about reaching out to fans of Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart:

Here recommends you get business cards made up to hand to potential allies so they can learn about the alt right:

Front and Back

Trolling the enemy

With the help of old friend Karl over at Unamusement Park, some goys in the Michigan area created edited versions of his fliers along with creating some of their own (all in PDF):

New Fliers!

Print off a few fliers, bring a few friends, and let the trolling begin!