Dugin on White Nationalists

I consider the “White nationalists” allies when they refuse the Modernity, the global oligarchy and the liberal-capitalism that kill the ethnic cultures and traditions. Modern political order is seen as essentially global and based on the purely individual identity. It is worst order and should be completely destroyed. When “White nationalists” want reaffirm the Tradition and ancient culture of European peoples they are right. But when they attack immigrants, Muslims or the nationalists of the other countries (basing on historic conflicts), when they defend USA, atlanticism, liberalism or Modernity, when they consider the White race (that produced Modernity in its essential features) as the highest and other races as inferior I disagree with them totally. More than this: I can’t defend Whites against non-Whites, because being White and Indo-European myself, I recognize the difference of other ethnic groups as natural thing and refuse any hierarchy between peoples – because there isn’t and can’t be any common universal measure to compare the ethnic societies or systems of values. I am proud to be Russian exactly as Americans, Africans, Arabs or Chinese’s are proud to be what they are. It is our right and our dignity to affirm our identity. Not against each other but such as it is – without resentment to other or remorse for themselves.
I can’t defend Nation, because Nation is bourgeois concept imagined by Modernity in order to destroy the traditional societies (Empires) and religions and install artificial pseudo-communities based on the individual identity. All that is wrong. Nation is destroyed now by the same forces that have created that in the first stage of Modernity. The Nations have fulfilled their mission to destroy organic and spiritual identity and now the capitalists liquidate their proper instrument in favor of direct globalization. We need attack capitalism as absolute enemy responsible for creation of Nation as simulacrum of traditional society and for actual destruction of it. The reason of the present catastrophe lies deep in the ideological and philosophical bases of Modern World. And the Modernity is White and National (in the beginning), becoming global in the end.
So White nationalists should choose their real camp: Tradition (including their own Indo-European Tradition) or Modernity. The atlanticism, liberalism, individualism are forms of absolute evil for the Indo-European identity, they are incompatible with it. If “identitarians” love really their identity they should be with Eurasianists, with the traditionalists, with the enemies of capitalism of any political camp, people, religion or culture. Being anti-communist, anti-Muslim, anti-Eastern, pro-USA, atlanticist today means to belong to the other side, it means to be on the side of Global World Order and financial oligarchy. But that is illogical because the globalists consequently destroy any identity except individual one and making alliance with them means betrayal of the essence of the cultural identity.
The problem with the left is other. It quit good opposing capitalist order, but it lacks here spiritual dimension. Left usually represents itself as other way of modernization – that is the reason of the opposition to the organic values, traditions and religion.
So I would happy to see left identitarians who would defend the social justice, on one hand, attacking capitalism, and spiritual Tradition, on the other hand, attacking Modernity. The enemy is one: global liberal capitalist order with North-American hegemony (directed also against real American identity). We could win it only if we join our efforts.

Originally Published on Alexandr Dugin’s Facebook Wall

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6 Responses to Dugin on White Nationalists

  1. someguy says:

    I want a nation for my people. He will have to do a better job at explaining why Russia is fine as a nation, but White nations are not. So let’s say we do defeat the modern world order, then what? Is he saying that Whites do not deserve our own nations, literally? He needs to do a better job at explaining that part. Other than that I agree with him.

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    • DenVilda says:

      He’s opposed to the modern idea of a nation, the idea that developed with French Revolution. He’s not against a homeland for Indo-Europeans or other peoples. Admittedly, he is using the word “nation” in a different sense than most White Nationalists do.

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  2. someguy says:

    One last thing, Whites didn’t necessarily come up with the notion of modern liberal world order, (((Whites))) did. If he wants to work together he needs to get wise to the JQ.

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  4. Siberian says:

    Dugin have always had zero credibility among Russian white nationalists.

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