No Muscles in Brussels

For those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, Hungary held a referendum that was held to decide whether Hungary should be forced by the EU to accept migrants. On October 2nd, the vote was held and Hungarians voted a resounding 98% ‘No’ to EU migrants. However, in order for the referendum to be valid, over 50% of the electorate must vote. Despite falling just short of the 50% threshold with 44% of the electorate, Prime Minister Viktor Orban is standing up and telling Brussels that Hungary will still not accept migrants. In his speech, Orban noted that more people voted in this referendum than voted back in 2003 to decide whether or not Hungary should be in the EU. Orban then followed up by saying that the next step was to pass a constitutional amendment which will “clearly state that without the consent of the Hungarian Parliament, Brussels cannot force Hungary to accede to any EU requirement with regard to migrants.” Now we get to witness a standoff between Viktor Orban and the bureaucrats in Brussels.

Not only will get to witness this showdown but we will continue to witness the slow but sure dissolution of the European Union. With many European countries in economic distress being compounded by the ongoing refugee crisis, it appears that the EU simply does not have the muscle to hold together their economic empire. It appears their muscles have atrophied.

As we witnessed earlier this year, the Nigel Farage-led coalition of Brexit was a successful referendum and it appears that new United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May will see to carrying out the will of the English people. Since the victorious Brexit vote, there have been calls in other countries such as France, Greece, and Austria to also leave the EU.

It appears the emperor wears no clothes.

Some pan-European advocates in the alt right feel that the European Union as an institution can be useful in the future for a United Europe. This could be possible if the managerial class of Eurocrats in Brussels were identitarians. However, they are not. This does not leave many political options available to identitarians other than populist revolt against the managerial elites. Samuel Francis described those being dispossessed of their identity, their country and their culture as ‘Middle American Radicals’ (MARs) and that populist rage would be the only way to take back our country from the corrupt globalist elites. Well it appears in Europe, we are seeing exactly this. Time is of the essence and the time simply does not exist to attempt to reform the managerial class. Instead, they must be destroyed.

With that said, pan-European advocates and ethno-nationalists alike should rejoice as we witness the destruction of the EU Leviathan.


Originally Published at Fash The Nation

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