Voice of Europe (VIDEO)

Great new video featuring Kai Murros by Oscar Turner of Omniphi Media. Enjoy!

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  2. Lawrence1978 says:

    Totally off topic: I’ve just set up this blog that aggregates alt right blogs and sites: http://theshitlordhub.blogspot.co.uk/. The idea is to use it as a go-to source where you can constantly check on the updates of alt right publications in a convenient, time-saving way, avoiding the task of browsing through a plethora of sites and blogs just to see if they have been updated or not. This blog was conceived as a tool along the lines of another blog, “Mapping the Dark Enlightenment” (http://neoreactionarymap.blogspot.com/), but by aggregating feeds for the latest 5 articles of each of the sites and blogs aggregated (some 90 so far and counting), plus links to mainstream news aggregators, plus links to other red-pill sites and online WN resources, I think it is a bit more comprehensive and user-friendly. FANGHORN FOREST, by the way, is there. Give it a look and, if you find it useful, spread the word. Thank you for your attention!


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