White Nationalist Game

Chateau Heartiste

The Reactionary Tree (Twatter handle @ReactionaryTree) created a trolling campaign that combines White nationalism with Game. Tinder is the medium of choice for the beta testing stage of White Nationalist Game (WNG).

The line used to pick up girls on Tinder is simple, and unambiguous (and goes by the 14/88-evocative name “The 14 Words”).

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

(The proper noun capitalization of “White Children” elevates this line from mere troll to art form.)

The responses — gathered at 8chan /pol/ — from attractive girls are, perhaps unsurprisingly, very positive. Or at the least very intrigued. (And in the arena of seduction, making a girl curious about you is as good as a win.)

You’ll notice in the above that the man’s reply is much shorter than the woman’s. Laconic Jerkboy Game rape!

Chicks dig a man who makes demands.

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8 Responses to White Nationalist Game

  1. Adversary says:

    Glad to see the anti-social tendency of the alt right may be going away. Has a lot of potential.

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  3. samseau says:

    Yes, great idea. I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned sooner in some other part of the manosphere. Game for White men who want White women. Hilarious!

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  5. Victor says:

    That is absolutely genius… i salute you sir.


  6. Radamanthes says:

    So has any of this amounted to a serious relationship yet?


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