The Uncucking

Thanks largely to Coulter’s new book ¡Adios America! and the rise of Trump, the Identitarian movement has rode on the coattails of these mainstream figures in order to push the #Cuckservative meme and grow themselves in size and influence. Gavin McInnes became aware of the meme and rebutted it as seen here:

The cardinal sign of a cuckservative is if they are repulsed by the term cuckservative and try to refute it. Anytime a person refutes the term cuckservative, they have essentially outed themselves as a cuckservative.

Perhaps the memetic warfare that the alt-right is waging on the mainstream conservatives is working. Gavin recently had Jared Taylor of American Renaissance as a guest on his show to debate White rapper “R.A.” about race realism. Gavin’s guest is totally obnoxious and Jared has the patience of a saint for putting up with the guy for over an hour. Gavin serves as a moderator during this debate and mostly sides with Jared throughout the entire debate.

Also, Gavin has extended an invitation to Ramzpaul in order to have him on his show.

Perhaps, Gavin has learned his lesson from the cuckservative meme. I never took Gavin to be one to begin with which is why it was disappointing to hear him slam the cuckservative meme. He has always been a strong anti-feminist and his writing history over at VDARE and Takimag that speak for themselves. Hopefully Gavin is back to his old form of being a relatively mainstream edgelord and will be someone we can rely on in the mainstream not to cuck to the political left.

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6 Responses to The Uncucking

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  2. Alberto says:

    Gavin’s role in this video reminds me of Pontius Pilate.
    Dunno why…
    Of course he knows that race matters.


  3. nickbsteves says:

    Why the hell would Gavin get this stupid ape to debate anything?


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