The Fight for Free Speech

Recently, Mike Cernovich of the site Danger and Play has posted a bounty on the heads of those who oppose free speech.

This was in response to recent #cuckservative attacks on Breitbart Editor Katie McHugh. Cernovich witnessed similar behavior first hand during the whole #Gamergate fiasco. Many GG supporters were doxxed and some even lost their jobs for their opinions. As many in the alternative right are aware, you can lose your job for your unpopular opinions.

I fully endorse Cernovich’s plan to publicly shame and humiliate anyone who tries to destroy the lives of people for their speech. This is what must be done in order to protect our speech going forward. Enemies of free speech must be shamed and humiliated. They must be made to think twice before trying to doxx someone and destroy their livelihood.

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3 Responses to The Fight for Free Speech

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  3. Radamanthes says:

    I also agree with this methodology. I just hope that he gets accurate information and not people making stuff up in order to get his money.

    It never ceases to amaze me how eager the left is to utterly destroy a person’s life for expressing views which run contrary to the Cathedral. They always talk about how much they hate Christians for preaching their views and talk about them being forced (even though we don’t use force to spread our beliefs), yet they immediately resort to force when persuasion fails. They are acting like the medieval Catholic Church, which used to permanently destroy peoples lives through excommunication, thereby forcing them to exist outside of the economy. It’s killing without execution, and only one step down from Soviet style executions.


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