I wanted to highlight this post over at The Audacious Epigone about trust. Over the past several decades there has been a significant decrease in societal trust. Diversity is the likely culprit of this decline in societal trust. With this increase in entropy, we can expect the further unraveling of Western Civilization.


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8 Responses to Entropy

  1. yyeltzin says:

    DIversity? Eh. Whites are still a majority and still mostly interact with themselves, so that would mean that most people would trust most people if it were just about race.


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  3. Radamanthes says:

    It’s natural for different groups to be suspicious and distrusting of one another. Trust is to be earned, not given, and while familiarity may breed contempt, a lack of familiarity negates trust. But to be fair, diversity is not the only problem. We also have a serious moral decline that we are coping with.


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