Time for Secession

Well this has been one of the roughest weeks in history for anyone on the political right. We had same-sex marriage become the law of the land, weaponized diversity has become public policy, and SWPLs have been hyper-sanctimonious in the banning of the Confederate Flag in wake of the Charleston Shooting.

Pretty rough indeed. I’m sure your Facebook feeds have been full of rainbow flags along with anti-racist hyper-signalling and all you can do is sit there and take it. Posting the Scalia dissent or interracial crime statistics would surely be some kind of expression of “hate.” Just bend over and take it whitey… it’s legal now in marriage anyways.

As they tear down the Stars and Bars and hoist up their rainbow colored fifty shades of faggotry, I am reminded of what the Confederacy once stood for. I am a Yankee so I never viewed the Confederate Flag as an expression of Southern heritage, though I am sure to many in Dixie, it is that. Today, I would even view at as a symbol of White Identity. In 2007, when I became initiated into the Paulbots, I viewed the Confederate Flag as a symbol of the right of secession. I still view it that way.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to call for secession.

If there is any good at all to come from this past week it is that more White Christian Americans are now dispossessed. They are awakening to the fact that this is no longer their country. As White Christians are further put through the ringer with churches losing tax-exemption and HUD’s attempt to culturally enrich white neighborhoods, dispossession will continue to rise. This is good. I recall the moment when I became dispossessed (the Trayvon Martin incident). You stop caring about Constitutional fetishism, the size of government, what George Soros is up to, or Obama’s birth certificate, and other concerns that Conservakin typically have. Instead, you start caring about more important things like survival of your peoples.

In order to do so, we must seek an exit.

With dispossession, comes that feeling of apathy for the idea of the United States. Maybe at one time it stood for values that you cared greatly about but that is obviously not the case anymore. It stands for Transgender children, #BlackLivesMatter, and viral POZ loads in the confines of holy matrimony.

Secession is an American Tradition. 1 in 4 Americans support the idea of secession. I expect this number to rise as we become more culturally enriched by diversity.

Hoppe on Secession and Nationalism:

Forced integration, illustrated by such measures as busing, rent controls, antidiscrimination laws, and “free immigration,” invariably creates tension, hatred, and conflict. In contrast, voluntary separation leads to social harmony and peace.

Hoppe once again:

Secession increases ethnic, linguistic, religious, and cultural diversity. while in the course of centuries of centralization hundreds of distinct cultures were stamped out.

Richard Spencer believes in the formation of a White ethno-state on the North American continent and I strongly support this idea. It appears to me to be the only way going forward. We are not going to “take back our country” as Conservakin are always talking about and I’m sure their version of taking the country back differs greatly from ours. There is nothing to take back. Better yet, why would you want to take ‘this’ back? The USA is dead now. I know, it’s sad. We had a good run though. There were lots of good times.

There’s lots of negativity in this sphere of the internet and that is understandable. Things are bad. Things are going to get worse. However, I am optimistic going forward. The alt-right/Dark Enlightenment has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. While most average Americans will not be partaking in the esoteric mega-LARPing that takes place in #NRx on Twitter, they are becoming racially aware. That is the first step.

Some may ask, “Is secession legal?” I say, “who cares?” Might makes right.

Begin unplugging. Secession starts at home. Disobey. Become self-sufficient, the collapse is coming. Let us hope those Austrians are right so that the American experiment can end and we can start the world.

Much like the Soviet Union inevitably collapsed, so will America. Hoppe, once again, on the collapse of the USSR:

With the collapse of communism all across Eastern Europe, secessionist movements are mushrooming. There are now more than a dozen independent states on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and many of its more than 100 different ethnic, religious, and linguistic groups are striving to gain independence.


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16 Responses to Time for Secession

  1. Very much the same situation in Europe, and you’re totally right. At this stage we are past the realm of political salvation. All we can hope for is that the economy totally falls out of its arse and we can rebuild from scratch.
    Self-sufficiency is an important skill that people need to get to terms with. If the economy does collapse like more and more people are expecting then the death rate in the Western World would be unprecedented. Most can’t even function without their iPhone, let alone know how to produce food and safe drinking water for themselves.

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  2. Johann Theron says:

    There are substantial numbers of people in other countries that would support a conservative secession in America. (just like ISIS is getting support) But secession would undoubtedly require a multilevel organization on your side.

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  3. I really wish it was so, but I think it is too much to hope for the economy to just collapse in a few years. Really, we might just have to accept the fact that this is the new normal, and this is how things are going to be for the next few decades at least. I am going more off Spengler and the idea the west can’t be saved anyway.

    Also, you said white people are waking up more to the idea of race? I am not really doubting you, but some examples would be of great use.


  4. The Left is consolidating their power now, which includes seeking out dissent and ‘pushing our faces into the mud’ to para Derb. We will not be left alone. Had to read it in a UK paper about the Charleston mayor openly discussing with Prezzie about forcing groups to disclose membership in the KKK and other ‘extreme right wing’ groups. As weez said, membership in these groups will be reason to take the guns. Alt-righters should consider how to demonstrate a potential threat of force in a peaceful, law abiding manner. We must be cautious (for now).


  5. Radamanthes says:

    In order for this to happen, the white man needs to re-attach his nuts. There is no race of people more nutless and sissified on average than the white man. Back when I was a kid people were afraid of being called a “sissy” now they’re afraid of being called a “bigot.” What is a “bigot” anyway, and why is this bad? The leftist definition of “bigot” seems to be fluid, and applied to anyone who disagrees with them for any reason.

    You get called a racist, you can forget about working for any major corporation. You get excommunicated from the Church of Satan—I mean, the PC Establishment. The fact that corporations seem to be on board with Cultural Marxism and the dismantling of the country is even more disturbing.

    You have to denounce any white person who’s not ashamed and guilty. Next they are going to try to browbeat and destroy Christianity, so that any Christian who actually believes and follows the bible will be a public enemy.

    Yes it’s true that we don’t have a country anymore. It’s gone. I’m actually thinking about giving up and leaving.

    Sadly, I think that more white people will choose suicide (actually killing themselves) than revolt. If you look at the suicide stats for the US we are number one, although the Native Americans are also pretty high. There’s MGTOW, Sexodus, videogames and drinking. If they’re going to turn the US into a 3rd world hellhole, then I may as well move to another third world hellhole where the government is less involved in people’s personal lives.


  6. Radamanthes says:

    But on the other hand if they oppress us to the point where we no longer feel we have anything to lose we’ll become difficult to govern again.


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  9. viking says:

    we are geographically separated calls for secession will make no sense and have no route politically until we coalesce geographically the Northwest makes the most sense for many reasons but southerners are attached to their lost cause. Time is of the essence as the NW beauty has caught the attention of libs and they are quickly seizing power in local politics and power structures fortunately this riles natives simply on the newcomer meme, but NW is not particularly racist because the have no other races except recently mexicans making inroads. If anyone seriously want this too happen I suggest packing the hell up and settling the NW NOW! particularly Idaho montanna and washington


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