Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities (Thoughtcrime Edition)

So I found an interesting article from The Spergertarian Libertarian Republic which listed the ‘Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America.’ In typical politically correct fashion, they blamed those evil Democrats, listing that 16 out of the top 20 cities are run by Democrats. Of course this completely ignores cities like San Francisco, Portland and Boston which are also ovenworthy cities run by Democrats and yet none of them even cracked the top 100. Democrat leadership is merely a symptom of high crime cities, not the cause. So I decided to do everyone a favor and show the population percentage of Persons of Color (PoC) in each city. White Hispanics (heh) will be counted as White & all numbers cited are from La Wik (there are a few instances where the Hispanic Whites are a large % of the White population (>10%) which I will denote with an asterisk*). Also, for those interested in checking the demographics figures from Wikipedia, click on the numerical figures. The city names will take you to the Neighborhood Scout article linked above. Enjoy your dose of thoughtcrime!

Rank     City                              % PoC
100 Madera, CA                            50.1*
99 Orlando, FL                           42.4*
98 Pueblo, CO                             23.8*
97 Sumter, SC                             54.7
96 Norristown, PA                     59.1
95 Schenectady, NY                   40.6
94 Council Bluffs, IA                  9.1
93 Cincinnati, OH                      50.7
92 Baton Rouge, LA                   59.2
91 St. Petersburg, FL                 31.3
90 Worcester, MA                      30.6
89 Canton, OH                            30.9
88 Bridgeport, CT                      60.4
87 Chattanooga, TN                  42.0
86 Lawton, OK                            39.7
85 Poughkeepsie, NY                 47.2
84 Lauderdale Lakes, FL           85.8
83 Desert Hot Springs, CA        42.0*
82 Lima, OH                                 32.9
81 Carbondale, IL                        33.9
80 Albany, GA                               74.8
79 Lawrence, MA                         57.2
78 Minneapolis, MN                    36.2
77 Texarkana, AR                         34.1
76 Miami Beach, FL                     12.6*
75 Rochester, NY                          56.3
74 San Bernardino, CA                54.4*
73 Anderson, SC                            36.9
72 Riviera Beach, FL                    74.2
71 Holyoke, MA                            38.2
70 Springfield, IL                          24.2
69 Nashville, TN                           39.5
68 Houston, TX                             49.5*
67 Richmond, CA                          68.6*
66 Oklahoma City, OK                 37.3
65 Lansing, MI                              38.8
64 Jackson, MS                             81.6
63 Fall River, MA                          12.8
62 Beaumont, TX                          60.2
61 Weslaco, TX                              25.1
60 Paterson, NJ                             65.3
59 Monroe, LA                              63.2
58 Odessa, TX                               24.6
57 Springfield, MA                       48.2
56 New London, CT                     45.4
55 New Bedford, MA                   27.8
54 Philadelphia, PA                      58.2
53 Rocky Mount, NC                    67.6
52 Fort Myers, FL                         69.4
51 Salisbury, MD                          44.3
50 Jackson, MI                              28.6
49 Gary, IN                                     89.3
48 Springfield, MO                       11.3
47 Gadsden, AL                             37.3
46 Miami, FL                                  27.4*
45 Hartford, CT                             70.2
44 Niagara Falls, NY                    29.5
43 East Palo Alto, CA                   71.2*
42 East Point, GA                         83.9
41 Brockton, MA                          53.3
40 Stockton, CA                            63.0*
39 Indianapolis, IN                      38.2
38 Chelsea, MA                             52.0
37 Kansas City, MO                      40.8
36 New Haven, CT                       57.4
35 Tulsa, OK                                 37.4
34 Lake Worth, FL                      34.9
33 Daytona Beach, FL                42.2
32 Compton, CA                          74.1*
31 Buffalo, NY                             49.6
30 Newark, NJ                             73.7*
29 Washington, DC                    56.6
28 Atlanta, GA                            58.2
27 Trenton, NJ                           73.4
26 Birmingham, AL                  64.9
25 Bridgeton, NJ                      67.4
24 Jackson, TN                         50.8
23 Milwaukee, WI                    55.2
22 Fort Pierce, FL                     54.7
21 Spartanburg, SC                  52.8
20 Rockford, IL                         34.9
19 Little Rock, AR                    47.3
18 Baltimore, MD                     70.4
17 Homestead, FL                    33.1*
16 Cleveland, OH                     62.7
15 Newburgh, NY                    57.7
14 St. Louis, MO                      53.6
13 Harvey, IL                           96.4
12 Myrtle Beach, SC               27.7
11 Alexandria, LA                   49.2
10 Memphis, TN                     68.3
9 Wilmington, DE                67.4
8 Atlantic City, NJ                73.3
7 Flint, MI                             62.6
6 Bessemer, AL                    71.1
5 Oakland, CA                     65.5
4 Saginaw, MI                     56.5
3 Detroit, MI                       89.4
2 Chester, PA                      82.8
1 Camden, NJ                     82.4

% PoC was calculated as 100 – % White (which included Hispanic Whites)

As you can see, a great number of these cities are over half PoC. Only four of them had less than 20% PoC (with one of them being the exceptionally Hispanic Miami Beach, FL). The top ten city average was 71.9% PoC. As we go forward into our multicultural future as Americans, we can look forward to more riots, more rapes, more murders, more looting, etc. Just remember: DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR.

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16 Responses to Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities (Thoughtcrime Edition)

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  2. Nemoque says:

    “Democrat leadership is merely a symptom of high crime cities, not the cause.” Democrat “leadership” is a cause and a symptom. Black liberals are elected by blacks to perpetuate the welfare state and to promote anti-white racism. Their policies create even more poverty and more crimes.


  3. radamanthes says:

    I agree, although I wouldn’t excuse the Demonrats for the role they play. The Demonrat party fuels the depressed conditions, as well as feeds off of them. It’s a vicious self perpetuating cycle, and in any case the Democrats are behind the multicultural ‘enrichment’ of the US.


    • That’s fair. This is the future they chose. They certainly are the ones promoting multiculturalism and pandering to non-whites. Though, as we see in some other major cities (like the ones I listed in the first paragraph), their economic policies are not as harmful as we think.


      • radamanthes says:

        I think their economic policies are absolutely devastating. Look at what they did to Eastern Europe, how bad the USSR was. Look at Greece, which was one of the cradles of our civilization. The only reason any liberal run city is nice is because it exists in a larger country and/or is running on the fumes of better times.

        But the multiculturalism makes things a lot worse, because racial tension and violent crime gets added to the mix, compounding the problem of poverty and socialism even further.

        One thing that I take comfort in, is that at least the savage Muslims and Mestizos from south of the border don’t seem to have any sympathy toward the gay/tranny and feminist bullcrap the left is also trying to foist, and that they are just as likely to slit the throats of their limp wristed white liberal benefactors as they are to slit our throats.


      • True. Socialism taken too far is clearly destructive. I would hardly say that they have full blown socialism in San Francisco, Boston, or Portland. They can only do so much before they drive people away.


      • radamanthes says:

        You know what’s messed up? Colorado used to be a good state, and it was a red state. I had a friend who lived there, and he said that the fruitcakes were coming over from California because of the high cost of living and bad economy, but then they were gradually turning Colorado into a libtard state, going there and voting for the same policies which jacked up their own state. Now Colorado has stupid rape laws and Christian bakers are being shut down for not wanting to cater to gay weddings.

        Honestly, I have the most disdain for white liberals, short of my disdain for Islam. Even if we had a solid white ethnostate, the libtards could and would throw open the doors to savage 3rd worlders, because that’s what they have done in the past and that’s what they do. I don’t see white liberals as my people, and really they’re only white in the same way Afghanistanis are white.

        Afghan people are mostly white in the technical sense. They have Indo-European roots, and different eye and hair colors, but culturally they are nothing at all like us, with their brutal, backwards, and destructive values. The same is true of the libtards. Also, libtards and Afghans both try to sexualize children at a young age. It’s so sick and vile.

        Sometimes I wonder if we should reframe the dialectic to exclude liberals from being white in anything beyond the genetic sense. They certainly are not part of our civilization, even though they live among us.

        I think positive European identity needs to focus on more than the various subsets of our group and shared genetics. We need to focus on our traditional values that made us strong. We need to restore patriarchy, monarchy, and Christianity.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. radamanthes says:

    BTW, did you get my email? I emailed the address associated with this account.


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  6. radamanthes says:

    I would like you to come and see the entry I just wrote.


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