Transgenderism is Anti-Male

The tranny madness never ends. Meet Jazzy, the 11 year old transgendered kid who starting sexual reassignment at the age of 5:

Jazzy is just one of many transgender stories. For example, there is MMA Fighter Fallon Fox, little Tommy Lobel who now goes by Tammy, Orange is the New Black’s Laverne Cox, and even former Olympian Bruce Jenner.

Notice a trend here?

All of the examples of notable transgender people I listed are male-to-female (MtF). In fact, nearly every single case of transgenderism that I am aware of is male-to-female. Very few are female-to-male (FtM). There are a few I can think of: Chaz Bono and porn star Buck Angel. These cases are rare though. The overwhelming majority of notable transgender cases are male-to-female.

Where are all the little girls who want to transition into men? Why aren’t they being paraded around on our television screens?

Kind of strange, perhaps coincidental, that it as an agenda that is only being pushed on very young boys… yes… indeed.

I am going to say it now, in case it hasn’t been said already, that the transgender agenda is an assault on men. It is literally a movement to emasculate them, turn them into some kind of sexual novelty or freak show, to psychologically torture them, and ultimately send them to an early grave.

What better way to prevent the rise of “toxic masculinity” than by gelding young boys? Spineless parents surely do not alleviate the situation by bending to the fantastical whims of a young child.

It is grossly unethical to me to allow children to undergo any form of gender transition before they are 18. They can’t vote, can’t drive, can’t buy beer or tobacco, but they can somehow make a life-changing decision to change their gender at the age of 5?!? Are you fucking kidding me?!

But little Tommy wants to be a girl when he grows up! The great news is that our anti-male society will in no way hesitate to halt your puberty, start you on estrogen, and chop your penis off. However, if little Tommy wants  to grow up to be a big man, well something must be wrong with him. Luckily, he can’t get his hands on testosterone unless he has been medically diagnosed with Low T or he obtains it illegally in which case he can be jailed for illegal possession of controlled substance.

This transgender movement is Cathedral agitprop at its finest. They are glorifying the transgender lifestyle by shining light on all the great achievements of Social Justice. Are you a confused little goyboy? Are you depressed? Lonely? Did you play with a Barbie doll once and you liked it? Do you want to be a princess? Good news! You’re in luck! You can be the pretty princess you always wanted to be… since yesterday… after your parents laughed at you for wanting to be a dolphin… so you came up with this idea instead! Mommy approves! She can’t wait to dress up her new daughter! And father… well he doesn’t have much to say because he is a spineless coward but just know you are killing him on the inside.

Pretty soon, I won’t be surprised if Child Protection Services confiscate your children from you because they identified as transgender and you wouldn’t allow them to transition. Mark my words it is going to happen in this country in my lifetime. I guarantee it.

Don’t you worry, the state will make sure that little Tommy becomes little Tammy by chopping his dick off & pumping him full of estrogen.

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11 Responses to Transgenderism is Anti-Male

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  3. infowarrior1 says:

    If they are to reverse that they would need a testicles transplant. If they want to undo their genital mutilation among other things.


    • I think most opt to keep their willy intact and just live their life as a chick with a dick. Many of them who do finally become post-op immediately regret it. Below is a documentary about two MtF who had their dicks chopped off and they immediately regretted it.

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  4. Yazata says:

    Starting sexual reassignment at the age of 5? They don’t know till the age of 8-9 and no severe dysphoria till adolescence. This kid’s parents or some medical professionals have Munchausens by proxy.

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  5. SimonWolfe says:

    Men are further attacked with these transgender cases entering the dating pool for men. Women are not required to sift through fraudulent facsimilies of men when choosing a partner.

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  6. PolarWashington says:

    Ugh……if you don’t feel visceral disgust at stories like this….

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  7. radamanthes says:

    When I see this kind of stuff it makes me wonder if we as a race do not perhaps deserve to go extinct. This whole trans thing is a shameful abomination that spits on the accomplishments and sacrifices of our ancestors. Normally I always think of white decline as a source of stress, existential crisis, and not just a great loss to those of us who decide to have kids, but to the world as a whole, especially when I think of all the things we have done for the world.

    That being said, why is it that non-whites do not seemed to be plagued by this LGBTQXYZWhatever bullcrap? Why is it that people are willing to sacrifice our freedoms on the altar of this madness? Like grabbing someone’s kids, or forcing Christians to violate their religious beliefs to service “gay weddings.”

    I’ve thought about methods for how we might survive, including secession and emigration. I thought maybe we should go to non-white countries and set up enclaves, which might later be turned into micro nations. I also thought about moving to an Asian country and just assimilating into their culture, which wouldn’t be surviving as a race but it would at least be passing on what we have, and transferring some of our energies and essence to a civilization which is at least as advanced as ours but which appears to have the will to survive.

    But then, when I see all this rubbish I get to thinking that maybe other peoples will come to view us as a toxic element, and perhaps they might be correct to view us in such a way. Why would any sane people welcome such madness?


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