Tumblr SJW Insanity

We live in very maddening times. As Chthulu swims further left, we begin to see peculiar behaviors in our fellow man. The fastest growing portion of the progressive left are the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). While many in the alternative right have been aware of these people for quite some time, in the past year or so, they have gone mainstream and middle America has been coming into contact with them via the kulturkampf of our time that is #GamerGate.

From battling “misogyny” in video games, to carrying around rape mattresses, to decrying the “oppression” that is HIV disclosure laws, these people are everywhere. They are not going away. They are growing as a movement.

Party Mattress2

Where do these people come from? Why do they think like this? What is this madness?

Let us take a look at Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People to find out what causes this behavior. As Carnegie points out, Sigmund Freud says that everything we do springs from two motives: the sex urge and the desire to be great.

Carnegie points out once again, Dr. John Dewey, an American philosopher, says that our deepest urge in human nature is “the desire to be important.”

Now human beings have been around a very long time, so why does this spring about now? Entitlement.

Our culture is steeped in entitlement. Now, the Baby Boomers are entitled in their own way but they have effectively given Millennials the freedom from accountability and responsibility.

This is the “everyone gets a trophy because no one is a loser” generation. It has created a generation full of Special Snowflakes. This has created a fertile soil for entitlement to grow and the insanity of the SJW movement to blossom.

With no effort you can be a great person… at least that is the prevailing lie that was told to them their whole lives.

They have no great conflict or struggle. No great war. No real hardships. They have lived the most comfortable lives of any generation of human beings.

No on has told them what they needed to hear. They were told they could be whatever they wanted to be. That they could follow their dreams. That by doing this, they would become successful. They were going to do whatever it is they wanted to do and they would become rich and famous.

Well they found the hard way that wasn’t true. They are coming to the realization that they cannot do whatever they want and be whatever it is they wanted to be: important. It is actually a lot of hard work to become an important person.

How important is being important to them?

Carnegie shows us the way. Carnegie asks the question: what is the cause of insanity? Carnegie went on to ask a doctor. The doctor replied,

Well nobody knows for sure… many people who go insane find in insanity a feeling of importance that they were unable to achieve in the world of reality.

Think about that for a second. Some people are so hungry to feel important that they would go insane to get it. You don’t believe these SJWs and Tumblristas are insane? Go read some of their blogs or go search on Tumblr. A few decades ago, we would have institutionalized these people for being insane.

They have no dragons to slay. They have not accomplished their goals in life. They have no real purpose. They are failures. Their dreams didn’t come true. They have been unable to achieve in reality. Given that they are entitled little brats who have never had to work for anything in life, they have chosen the path of least resistance that requires little effort. In order to fulfill their most natural desires, to be important, they have chosen the path of insanity.

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10 Responses to Tumblr SJW Insanity

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  2. Samson says:

    “They have no dragons to slay.”

    Funny you should use this terminology, considering these types identify as dragons at times. Yeah… we need an oven.

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  3. PolarWashington says:

    Also I would argue that the decline in religion generally has not served these people well. Traditionally, religion could be a source of wisdom and that ephemeral feeling of importance SJW’s are seeking. Religion would give them the importance of slavation/election/being on the right path, as well as the consolation that right living was more important than obtaining whatever childhood dream they did not obtain. But alas, we live in an era of “I f***ing love science”, etc.

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  4. My own addendum: Probematic lessons learned in childhood that every generation learns.

    One of these lessons? To whip out Relative Privation whenever someone brings up their own point. You’ll hear SJWs try to talk about how hard it is to be a transgender person in society because everyone casually misgenders you. (Bonus points for when you didn’t tell them – they’re supposed to know.) When you try to empathize, they say “oh mine’s worse” to shut you up – because having others with problems means they might not get paid attention to. Try and point out their own problematic tendencies (like how they are ironically VERY racist and VERY sexist) and they will whip out the good ol “Oh yeah you’re complaining about how we treat white people? Come talk to me when you get KILLED for being white.” It’s the same thing your parents did when you had a bad day at school – appeal to worse problems to avoid having to speak about it.

    This segues into the next point…. Victim Culture.

    What do we learn from childhood? That if you are a victim, you are absolved of any of your own shortcomings, wrongdoings, or personality flaws. Combine this with the human tendency to stick to people who are like them and you got a recipe for disaster. Many of these people have extreme entitlement complexes or crippling personality laws like Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (Of which Entitlement is a symptom of) They see no need to try and assess it – instead they just go enable it and subscribe to the victim complex. Because after all… who’s going to tell a victim they may have had something to do with their situation? Who’s going to tell a victim they need to work on their entitlement complex? Who’s going to tell a victim they should stop acting like a spoiled brat? Who’s going to disagree with a victim? Who’s going to even tell a victim “You are right, but around this point…”? If you do, then you are “Siding with the oppressor/aggressor/whatever”.


  5. PolarWashington says:

    haha busted. Spellcheck exists for a reason.

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  7. Dan says:

    This seems like it makes sense, but is incomplete. There are people who meet most of these descriptions who still do the hard work to accomplish their goals even when it seems futile. I’m not really sure what differentiates these people. Maybe it’s a set of traits that makes them reject the ideas that they were taught in school, by the media, etc.?


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