Masculine Virtues

Being a man is more than simply having a dangler.  Being a man is defined by masculinity.  Once we define masculinity, we see that the values of masculinity are simply not compatible with leftism in general.  They despise it.  And masculinity is not simply aspiring to be strong like He-Man or the Incredible Hulk.

So these are my tenets or virtues of masculinity…

First off, we must reject the notion of egalitarianism.  Egalitarianism is complete bullshit.  The only equality that should exist (but still doesnt) is that all people should be treated equally under the law.  That is it. This is called equity.  There cannot possibly be equality of opportunity, equal treatment, equality of outcome or equality in general.  Such a well-intent notion quickly evolves into Harrison Bergeron. Even under the most socialist of conditions, some will be more equal than others.  Men and women are not equal.  They never have been and they never will be.  If you cannot grapple your mind around that, then you will fail to understand why this feminist/masculinist struggle is indeed a left/right issue.  Most of these Leftist MRAs use the terms “egalitarian” or “humanist” in order to appease their feminist counterparts.  Everyone can see through your bullshit. You are toeing the line of political correctness and submitting to the feminine imperative. It is not working.

I wanted to talk about egalitarianism because it goes into my next point, one of the defining features of masculinity, which is patriarchy.  Patriarchy arose out of sexual dimorphism.  There are differences in the sexes.  Men, not only human males but many in the animal kingdom as well, are the head of the household.  They lead the lion pride or the wolf pack.  Men have been the natural leaders throughout history.  It is in our biology to be patriarchs.  It is our very nature.  So embrace the patriarchy.  Abandoning patriarchy in favor of egalitarianism will only mean that feminists become more equal than men.

The next virtue of masculinity is industrialism.  Work has always been crucial in order to achieve masculine status.  By being active in enterprise, men are able to fulfill their duties as the head patriarch and are able to be truly independent.  When a man is without work, you can see it eat away at his soul.  It crushes his spirit that he becomes unable to provide for himself and the people he loves most.  Leftism is anti-industrialist.  They do not value work, being self-reliant, or enterprise in general.  They seek to destroy it every chance they get.  Look at their policies: taxation, regulation, subsidization.  They want to destroy wealth produced by work.  They want to regulate enterprise in order to limit it and they want to subsidize false enterprises like gender studies.  Look at Occupy Wall Street.  Look at every socialist revolution throughout history.  They do not seek to build people up.  They seek to crush people.  They want people to be reliant on government.

The next virtue is that of imperialism.  I do not speak of armies conquering foreign lands, I speak of it on a smaller level, in our own personal lives.  The great men of history displayed great courage in their endeavors.  They sought to conquer the unknown.  It is about enduring the unknown, remaining courageous, and conquering all obstacles.  Be they hunters, pioneers, builders, scientists, they all shared those traits.  Their spirits were imperialistic and they sought to conquer the unknown.  This strive to succeed is another characteristic despised by the left.  They do not you to be self-sufficient and independent.  They do not want trail-blazers.  They want servants.  They want patrons of the state.  They want people to believe that they cannot succeed.  They want them to believe that the deck is stacked against them.  They want to crush the imperialist spirit of men.  They want men to submit.

The only way that men will be given a fair shake in society is if they embrace their natural tendencies, reject leftist ideology, and limit the size & power of the state.

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13 Responses to Masculine Virtues

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  2. trvdante says:

    Gonna go ahead and plug Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men” here. He distills it into four key virtues: Strength, Mastery, Courage, and Honor. Those four virtues are a universal constant in every single human culture. Hell, we even see the same virtues on display in animals, to an extent.

    When you want to rank how “manly” someone is, those four virtues are a great template. I’m working on doing some analysis with them on my blog.


  3. infowarrior1 says:

    Does equality of the law take into account sexual dimorphism and accordingly judges?


  4. The Observer says:

    “Such a well-intent notion quickly evolves into Harrison Bergeron. Even under the most socialist of conditions, some will be more equal than others.”

    Note that in Harrison Bergeron, Handicapper-General Diana Moon-Clampers wore absolutely none of the handicaps imposed on everyone else.


  5. ConantheContrarian says:

    This is a very good succinct article.I would correct one thing only: you use the phrase “patrons” of the state; I would suggest “clients” of the state. Client suggests dependency.


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  8. PolarWashington says:

    Good article, though I would suggest some piety or connection to the sublime as well; there is something unsettling about a man who will not acknowledge his connectivity to something greater than a short, material life.


  9. radamanthes says:

    The left is antithetical to being a man. A real man doesn’t want to depend on others, he wants to depend on himself. Things like a social safety net are cowardly, and hate speech laws are childish and cowardly. On the surface it’s all about coddling, emasculation, and breeding weakness, but the end game is total servitude.

    Once the left’s program has thoroughly run it’s course what you will have left is slavery. There will be a few elites controlling everything, and the rest of us will be equal in slavery, tending land which we can never own, and creating products which we can never use. The safety net will give way to feudalism, and the coddling will give way to re-education camps for those who don’t like the feudalism.


  10. Frank Gappa says:

    I sometimes wonder if after WWII when the war heroes came home and were ravaged by PTSD and the rest of it, did they loose their grip on their patriarchal place? I know my grand father was fundamentally changed after the war and sat by himself most nights staring into space. It forced my grandmother to raise my father and my uncle essentially on her own. We gave most of our good men to that war and many came home broken. I can’t help but think how perhaps the reverberations are now being felt in later generations.


  11. Joshua says:

    A lot of MRAs try to project masculine virtues onto women. Masculine virtues are just that – masculine. Feminine virtues is something entirely different and has its own strength when developed properly.

    This was a good article. Here is another really good blog and he considers himself an MRA but he covers a variety of issues. He has been around while.


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