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Transgenderism is Anti-Male

The tranny madness never ends. Meet Jazzy, the 11 year old transgendered kid who starting sexual reassignment at the age of 5: Jazzy is just one of many transgender stories. For example, there is MMA Fighter Fallon Fox, little Tommy … Continue reading

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Tumblr SJW Insanity

We live in very maddening times. As Chthulu swims further left, we begin to see peculiar behaviors in our fellow man. The fastest growing portion of the progressive left are the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). While many in the alternative … Continue reading

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Anonymous Conservative’s Books: Free Today

If you have not read The Anonymous Conservative, then you absolutely must. He takes a deep look into the evolutionary psychology of the political landscape we see in our world today. He is one of my favorite EvoPsych bloggers. For … Continue reading

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Masculine Virtues

Being a man is more than simply having a dangler.  Being a man is defined by masculinity.  Once we define masculinity, we see that the values of masculinity are simply not compatible with leftism in general.  They despise it.  And … Continue reading

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