Adding Value

This advice can certainly apply to all human interactions. Whether, you are at a restaurant, dealing with a business partner, or with a friend, adding value to human interactions will make the interactions more fruitful in terms of your enjoyment of those interactions and also what can become of them i.e. friendships, networking, relationships, etc.

What is game? Game is value-added to male-female interactions.

When you spit game, you are providing value to an interaction with a woman. You are giving her the value she is craving. You are cocky, funny, confident, masculine, cocksure and alpha. Her panties moisten at the the thought of interacting with a man who provides that value to her everyday mundane life.

A person who is entitled doesn’t have game. example: Elliot Rodger. That guy was good looking, medium-high IQ, wealthy but he never got laid. Why not? He had a gross level of entitlement. He never felt the need to add value into the lives of women. He thought by the virtue of merely being himself that the sexiest women in California would throw themselves at his feet.

It is not pedestalization to give a little to see if your value will be reciprocated. Pedastalization is when you constantly give away value and you do not receive any in return. You can’t expect to go through life taking value from people without reciprocating. If this sounds like you, people probably think you are a dick.

You can add value to any human interaction, not just game, whether you are at a restaurant, trying to get into a club, or business networking. Of course, it is important to tailor the value being added to the particular situation. Try to build a rapport with a person. Try offering up a compliment to a person. You never know. It may make that person’s day and they will go out of their way to make sure that you are rewarded i.e. entry into a club, great service, a new business contact, etc. It really doesn’t take much effort and can greatly enrich the quality of your interactions with people.

Adding value to basic human interactions is a sign to you come from an abundance mindset. You are willing to give value because you don’t mind parting with it. However, you expect to receive value in return. People who are entitled don’t give away value (or reciprocate it), they just take it because they feel they deserve it. They come from a scarcity mindset. (when you think about it, depending on the interaction, adding value is a really low-effort thing)

If you add value to an interaction and into your relationships and they do not reciprocate that value in anyway and they just take it, then fuck those people. They are not people you want in your life. People who just take value without reciprocating are shitty people with entitlement complexes.

Do you want to have friendships, business partners, lovers who only take value from you and never reciprocate? I didn’t think so.

The world would be a much nicer place if everyone sought to add value to their interactions with people instead of treating them like shit.

I’ve been reading a lot about stoicism and Danger & Play‘s blog and he talks a lot about having an abundance mindset and adding value. You will live a richer, more rewarding life if you add value to all your human interactions and relationships.

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4 Responses to Adding Value

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  2. Mavellian says:

    Reblogged this on Notes Of Man and commented:
    Good wisdom gems in the reading.


  3. Jonathan says:

    Good eye opener, helps to make good healthy standards and boundaries.


  4. So simple and so powerful, thanks.


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