Feminism is for Ugly Women

First, I would like to thank all of my readers for following my blog, commenting, and what not. It’s nice to see that my posts have inspired the posts of other bloggers. I just wanted to let my readers know that I will be cutting the posting from twice weekly to once weekly. I am pretty busy with work but also with other self-improvement projects I have in the works for 2015. I am planning on taking up boxing, learning Spanish, and salsa dancing. So that will be quite a load in addition to writing, reading, traveling, and weight lifting like I am currently doing. I just wanted to let you guys know ahead of time in case you were wondering where Thursday’s post was going to be.

Now enjoy this rant against feminism.

Recently, in the world of pop culture, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, of TV show The Big Bang Theory, proclaimed that she is not a feminist. Naturally, such a public statement of blasphemy sent the shrilling harpy masses into a conniption fit. Luckily, the Cathedral was able to shame her into issuing a public apology. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is a fairly attractive woman. She is not a feminist because she has no need for it.

Beautiful women have no need for feminism. Regardless of the lack of female representation (compared to men) in positions of authority, women have always had a substantial amount of power in society. Women use coercion and persuasion over men as a means to get things done. This is the anatomy of female power. Women have always avoided positions of authority because with being in a position of authority comes responsibility and accountability. Women have a strong aversion to responsibility and accountability. You see this in even the most mundane social interactions like, “where should we go for dinner?” A woman will have greater respect for a man who makes a bad decision but is decisive than they will towards a man who makes no decision at all.

The current brand of feminism is made up of greedy women seeking more power than they already have, the tomboys (women who secretly want to be men), and the female equivalents of the basement-dwelling WoWmega males. The selfish women just want more power than they already have. The tomboys want to be men. The omega females are the fat, ugly types who are unable to exert influence over men because they are fat and ugly (and usually their personalities are congruent with their appearances).

This idea that we live in a patriarchy is obviously preposterous. If we lived in a true patriarchy, do we honestly believe that women’s suffrage would have happened? How did women’s suffrage come to be if there were virtually no women in Congress or the White House to pass it into law? It is because they exercised indirect power over men. In a true patriarchy, the alpha males of society would have collectively pimp-slapped the suffragettes and told them to get back in the kitchen.

Beautiful and charming women are very dangerous creatures because they have the ability to exercise an immense amount of power by using men as proxies. These women have no need for feminism. They can extract all of the resources from men that they need and create environments to ensure their safety and security using their natural talents of coercion and persuasion. Ugly/fat women cannot. That is why feminism is full of the most broken women you can find. Rarely do you see a gorgeous feminist. However, they do exist. When you do see a gorgeous feminist, you can make the assumption that she is psychology broken and/or power hungry (wielding power indirectly is not enough; she wants the positions of authority as well as the current amount of power that she already has). So men, when you meet a woman and she proclaims that she is a true, red-blooded feminist, what she is really proclaiming to you is that she is a failure as a woman. So approach with caution.

The post was inspired by this post from T. Bone over at The Rawness.

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17 Responses to Feminism is for Ugly Women

  1. infowarrior1 says:

    Just a little monkeying with genetics may substantially reduce the ugly female population permanently and increase the population of beautiful in proportion.

    Problems like this will disappear in particular. However envy will not go away.


  2. Brandon says:

    “Feminism is for Ugly Women”

    I always instinctively knew this since i was 8 years old.


  3. Mavellian says:

    Reblogged this on Notes Of Man and commented:
    Excellent gem of truths.


  4. Sarah Uncool says:

    All your points solidified why feminism is still needed today. Thank you.

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    • Uriel, Archangel Of Wisdom says:

      Society needs Feminism like fish need bicycles.

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    • Zelcorpion says:

      Feminism is needed like an ulcer.


    • Wow this is SO SAD! Frankly – I am old now – but when I was young, it was a rare thing to see a man who didn’t fancy me – but the best men were the ones who wanted my mind. Those who could contain their dog-like urges and rein in their desires for all and sundry. The most intelligent men can and do contain themselves – and make better lovers. This is probably why the Sun tends be read by white van men – the bottom of the barrel genetically. So, yes, thank you for your lame diatribe – it reminds me why I was always so glad I could discriminate. I went for a true gentleman amongst all the oafs who fancied me – and I made the right decision. I’m certain you will find women who agree with you – but they are likely to be the pathetic kind who will do anything for a man – even a pig like you!


  5. Interesting thoughts. As a female I’d add feminism actually shames attractive or traditional leaning women, telling them they are somehow broken or weak for “using” their looks and charm as a form of power. Or put another way, feminism shames femininity, ironically diminishing one of women’s most potent sources of influence/power in the process. I dressed in baggy clothes and downplayed my looks for years thanks to this, before I realized what a crock all that was. Bring back the feminine! Here, here!


  6. nickbsteves says:

    Overall I agree with the post, but this point:

    In a true patriarchy, the alpha males of society would have collectively pimp-slapped the suffragettes and told them to get back in the kitchen.

    seems to be about 180 deg. wrong. In fact, it is not the alpha males of society who benefit directly from patriarchy but all the rest. In fact, high ranking males of society have much (sex) to gain from relaxing patriarchal standards, which basically boils down to control of female “reproductive” decisions by fathers. If fathers are not in control of those decisions, guess who wins? And in fact, the alpha males of society are precisely the ones who bear the lion’s share of blame for female suffrage, for they acted in their own interests, instead of the interests of all fathers and those of society as a whole.

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  7. Mark Citadel says:

    Worse still, I feel that on the counterside of our culture’s hypersexualization and the sexualization of young girls in particular, focus on pornographic images, and women trying to out-slut each other… there is a pervading acceptance of ugliness at some level. Common between ages 15-39 at least, many girls who would otherwise be average seem to go out of their way to be more ugly and a lot of this has to do with dressing in trashy clothes, not bothering to wash their face a lot of the time, an obsession with accessories like bracelets and piercings.

    I once witnessed at a school a weekly event called ‘Tutu Tuesday’ where a group of girls would come in dressed in various colored tutus over striped stockings and with greasy combat boots on their feet, in an effort to be countercultural I guess, but really they were buying into the pervading culture of ugliness. Dress like a freak to fit in. Thus, while ugliness helped feminism find adherents, feminism itself seems to have fostered ugliness!


    • tomatoeggty says:

      Yup. On the one hand, they shame men for treating women as cheap goods. On the other hand, they behave like cheap goods. We’re singlehandedly responsible for how we want to be treated.

      It’s so sad to see fellow women do such horrible things to themselves : /


  8. Stay Single says:

    Whether or not she says she’s a feminist doesn’t matter. I got burned severely by a woman who never spoke the word once in the 12 years we were together. She very cleverly hid that part of herself from me. After hypergamy took hold and the need to maintain the charade ended, the ugly truth came flooding out. By then, of course, it was too late. She was not ugly (at least on the outside).

    I’m betting most women hold feminist beliefs but dare not claim to be one for fear of losing access to chivalry and paying dates. Feminists and anti-feminists are two sides of the same coin. Each wants access to the aspects of the patriarchy that benefit women (resource transfer/chivalry) while eschewing the aspects that don’t (accountability/responsibility/agency).

    The recipe for a happy life as a man:

    You don’t need a woman in your life to make you happy or whole. You don’t need a woman to validate your existence. The reason so many men fall is because they buy into the myth of marriage and family. Too many men can’t get by in life without a woman’s validation. Men need to change that aspect of themselves to live a healthy life.

    Study to work in a field that has long term demand for the foreseeable future and high pay. Never give a woman legal, financial, spiritual, physical, emotional or psychological power over your life (i.e., don’t get married or cohabit where that’s considered marriage). Giving significant power over their lives to women is the single greatest mistake men make.

    In the past 40+ years, tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives have been utterly ruined through ‘marriage and family’. As a result, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of those men committed suicide. Millions more live impoverished lives due to exorbitant wealth transfer to their now deeply despised X wives.

    Don’t buy into the BS. Stay single and stay happy. Know anyone who would admit to being a racist even if they were one? Nope. Same goes for feminism.


  9. Dave says:

    Some feminists are physically attractive, but the preferred term for them is “porn stars”.

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  11. mymanandme03 says:

    Feminists are sick. Some of them shamed me for relying on my man for the difficult tasks, for loving cooking and for maintaining my weight for him, amongst others.

    Frequently, they’re fat and hate it when somebody has the discipline to remain slim via decent portion sizes, good food and daily exercise.

    They’re so rude and vile.

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