The GOP Future and Diversity

As many of you are already aware, whites will are slated to be a non-majority in 2042 based demographic projections. That’s the bad news of the Helter Skelter future. There is a bright spot though. The political left is bleeding white voters. These voters leaving the left are the working, middle class whites. This is the Vaisya nation. There are some problems with this. These people are not necessarily strong advocates for free market capitalism or social conservatism. They are political moderates at best. You can see this divide taking place in the current #GamerGate debate. The GamerGaters are an extremely diverse group of people: there are people of all races, sexual orientations, genders, religious affiliation, political beliefs, etc. They are all simply united in their battle against Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). This appears to be the future of American politics. It will be a large group of moderates who are united against the agents of Cultural Marxism, which will be an alliance of Diversity Inc. and the broken white SWPLs. You can see this playing itself in all of the Ferguson, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, NYPD murders. You see the people who support the thugs (Diversity Inc. and broken SWPLS) and the people who support the police (normal people).

The GOP is the white people’s party. This is how the media paints them, how most people generally view the GOP, and how the voting is playing itself out. However, they will never explicitly say that they are.  That would be way too politically incorrect. We will see things play out like the current situation with the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise. Scalise spoke to a white nationalist organization back in 2002. Today, he is separating himself from that group saying he had no idea who they were and that he does not share their values. As whites become more aware of their future non-majority status, they are becoming more racially aware. You will see growth in neoreactionary ideas, you will see growth in white racial awareness, you will see growth of organizations like VDARE and American Renaissance. However, none of these ideas will be part of the GOP platform…ever. You will probably see more politicians like Scalise in the GOP as well. They will exercise plausible deniability and disparage the groups they spoke to or were involved with. This will piss off the hard-liners but this is all politics. You have to remain politically correct in our democratic system.  The GOP will become more moderate as they shift leftward with the Overton Window but they will become whiter and whiter. The GOP will always speak to the virtues of diversity, but they will never truly be a diverse party though they will have a wide diverse coalition similar to the GamerGaters, but they’ll be mostly white. They will have their token candidates that they throw up in front of the country to show how non-racist they are but no one is really going to buy it (not the Cathedral at least). They will be the party of the mostly white middle class. That will be their bread and butter. They are several decades too late to stop the wave of illegal immigration. They will never be a party that explicitly states they stand for whites or Christians. They will be the party of these middle class ideals.

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