Thoughts on MGTOW

Happy New Year’s everybody. With that out of the way, let’s get to today’s topic: MGTOW

Recently in the news, the mainstream has gotten a whiff of the future in Western gender relations and it does not look pretty. Milo Yiannopoulos published a two-piece series titled The Sexodus (part 1) and (part 2). I actually had to go to Google Cache to find those articles as they have suspiciously been taken down from Breitbart’s website. I guess the mainstream wasn’t ready for the red pill yet?

In the Sexodus, Milo lays out how men are avoiding marriage, avoiding children, and basically checking out of society. He drops little red pill nuggets throughout the articles by name-dropping the likes of Jack Donovan, Roosh V, and Roissy/Chateau Heartiste (you can see why Breitbart might have pulled the articles). He also makes mention of Dr. Helen Smith’s book Men on StrikeMen are resorting to pick-up artistry/game or they are going MGTOW.

In Japan, this phenomenon is already taking place in what is called the ‘herbivore‘ movement. Herbivore men have no interest in getting married or having a girlfriend. Numbers range from one-third to two-thirds of Japanese Millennials consider themselves herbivore. This spells doom for the Japanese as it is likely these men will never get married and never have children, putting birth rates well below replacement levels. Japan seems unlikely to resort to the multicultural strategy of importing third world vibrant savages, so instead they will be experiencing population contraction. Anyways, these young men are ‘going their own way’ and pursuing whatever passions or hobbies they have in life. Their sexual release is derived from pornography. And thanks to high-speed internet, tube sites, and fleshlights, you can fap your brain into oblivion without ever having actual relations with women. Recently, The Washington Examiner, was horrified to learn that men are choosing porn over marriage. The folks over at The Washington Examiner are too thick to see what’s really going on. Luckily, Vox over at Alpha Game knows what’s really happening:

Women still have a tendency to think they’re the only game in town and behave accordingly. But they’re not. Men have always felt the call of the wild, but the combination of a good woman and societal pressure tended to overwhelm that. But when marriage increasingly looks like not having sex with an obese bitch who can rob you at any time, it’s little wonder that more young men are opting for doing whatever they hell they want all the time for the rest of their lives instead.

It’s idiotic to claim that porn is the problem. It’s not the problem, it is the suboptimal solution to the real problem. The problem is that far too many women have been raised in a manner that renders them unattractive to the opposite sex and essentially unmarriageable. The boys always go where the attractive girls are. If they can’t be bothered, that means the girls are insufficiently attractive.

Bingo! Porn has arisen as an alternative to marriage. Most men are not going to find the manosphere, so their options will be: marry a fat entitled bitch, who wont have sex with you (or you wont have sex with her), who can divorce rape you for literally any reason OR fap yourself retarded to PornHub. For men on the lower half of the SMV scale (and even some men in the upper half), I think the choice is easy.

There have always been incels: the basement dwelling omega types. No one cared when those men were not getting married or having girlfriends. However, now, men who would usually be the types that would get married and have children, they are the ones checking out of society and it is creating a ruckus. Gender relations in the West have absolutely gone to shit in a very short amount of time. Literally, just 50-60 years ago, marriage rates were at all time highs. Now, we are worried that society is going to collapse in the very near future.

Personally, MGTOW is not a choice for me. I honestly dont believe it to be a healthy choice at all. However, I do understand why some men are doing it. I think learning game is a much better alternative. Learning to talk to women and deal with them will make you a well-rounded person. Going MGTOW is a way to shield your ego from rejection. Never forming meaningful relationships (or heck, even sexual relations) with women seems unhealthy to me. I am not saying man up and marry those sluts. Dear God no. However, I feel that we as men have brought this upon ourselves over the course of the past 60 years, maybe even 100 years. Men need to learn to be more masculine. Men need to learn how to deal with women. The reason the world is the way that it is today is because men need to take back their thrones and restore the patriarchy. It is your birthright as a man. Sadly, the majority of men have been cow-towing, cowering, and groveling before the jack-booted stilettos of feminism. Given the current circumstances, I don’t expect men to read this and go enter into a marriage. I could not endorse that. Sadly, the men that need to read this won’t or they will likely be triggered into a fit of butthurt and call me a sexist or misogynist. Men everywhere just need to man the fuck up. You’re a man, the world is yours, so take it.

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  1. KM says:

    Speaking of the mainstream taking notice of heretical writing from the “outer right”: you may be interested in this piece, which was not only published in Quadrant magazine, but has not been censored online at all. Indeed, it’s been responded to by another reactionary in the current issue of the magazine. Quadrant, mind you, is a mainstream neo-conish publication. The first piece relies on Donovan and cites Smith’s book, but it also throws Ludovici, Evola, Faye, Willinger, Sunic and others into the mix. The second cites authorities such as Gottfried and Sam Francis. For an establishment rag, that is rather brave!


  2. novaspire says:

    The Sexodus articles were not taken down, I believe the servers were just being reinstated/upgraded, RxTree. They seem to still be up, though some comments seem to be self-deleted by authors. The mainstream may be ready for the redpill. Some may never be, but many are.


  3. “Men need to learn to be more masculine. Men need to learn how to deal with women.”

    Definitely. That’s why we on TRP adopt the “she’s the most responsible teenager in the house” view of women. They need maintaining, handling, appeasing and likewise disciplining. Women are looking for men who will be that authoritarian father figure in their lives. They say they’re not, they say they want equality, but it’s the authoritarian men they fall in line for, and the equalist men they head fuck, heart rip and abandon for greener pastures. Why? Because he was weak enough to let her and dumb enough to agree with the trite banality that is so oft emitted from the collective unison of female vocal chords.

    “Women’s test is material, man’s test is women” – Dave Chapelle

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  4. Dreams Come Due says:

    From a piece I wrote: […] now, I hope the preceding paragraph won’t make you join the MGTOW fraternity. I dipped my toe into their steamy all men Swedish sauna waters to see what it was all about. Granted they make good points in regards to the diminishing quality of women (we’re not smelling of roses either chaps – or perhaps we are and should smell more like motor oil) and they provide statistics to prove their points. Stefan Molyneux also makes reference to the same issues albeit in a more, God help me for saying this, sober and balanced way. I think we all know it ain’t pretty out there.
    What struck me as relevant and interesting though was the MGTOW movement’s hostility to Traditionalists and Reactionaries. See, we post pictures of princesses and knights on Twitter and retweet it until blue in the uuh … face. According to them we hold women up too high and thereby diminish ourselves or at least make our prime objective (not directive you nerds) to serve and protect them. A trad guy wants to find a girl who will homestead with him on his ‘three acres and a cow’ Chesterbellocian piece of land, home-school and cook hearty organic meals while looking good in a nightdress with braids to her peachy bottom. I’m partial to a bit of Knights and Maidens myself. I wonder if us Traditionalists could learn something from this group of angry young men. Speaking for myself, I’m a chased tradition minded Roman Catholic. I’m getting my own life together, working on my mind, body and soul. Trying to make a career and educate myself to be the titular head of a household, some day, please God. I’m not holding out much hope to meet Miss Peachy Bottom soon in my usual social haunts. I’ve had my encounters and they’ve amounted to learning opportunities. What I have gleaned from them I see reflected in some of the MGTOW rhetoric. There are a lot of princesses out there, just not the kind we’re looking for. So gentlemen, let’s not deify them. Let us acknowledge, hold fast, work on and develop our own honour and virtue. Then look for the reflection of those in the other. Men and women alike.


  5. Wise Man says:

    Long term MGTOW here. Sorry, but the poody is no longer worth the trouble. Any more, having a woman in your life is like a full time job – only you pay your employer. Like you said – marriage is the dumbest of the dumbest things you can do – second only to knocking a girl up.

    I’ve sworn off women completely. No marriage, no cohabiting, no dating. Now, my life is peaceful, I never have to worry about divorce or kids (alimony and child support), I don’t have to deal with someone’s family problems, schedule, personal issues, debt, blah, blah, blah. Outside of work and professional development, I do what I want when I want and have no other worries. Having a woman in your life brings only problems, regret, anxiety and despair.

    I’m a high income earner with lots in assets and I’m just fed up with women, their narcissism, their entitled attitudes and their holier than thou personae. I’ve been done with women for years and will never regret that decision. Women can ruin your life in so many different ways – it’s just not worth it.

    There’s so much more to life than some used up, disease ridden poody. Google ‘divorce alimony child support homeless’, ‘yes means yes’, ‘false rape’, ‘false domestic violence’, and all of the other horrible things that happen to men now. Poody is just not worth ruining your life over.

    I’ll take porn over a “real woman” any day. I consider it much safer and far more enjoyable.


  6. Tim R. says:

    “Men everywhere just need to man the fuck up. You’re a man, the world is yours, so take it.”

    What does this mean? Does it mean avoiding taking on the problem head and and every guy apply his own individual solution to the systemic and gov’t imposed problem, or does it mean some sort of collective political action?


    • Perhaps both. Though I will be posting a criticism of the MRA movement soon.


      • Tim R. says:

        I can’t and won’t tell you what to do, but, I would either soften criticism of anything in the alt-right/manosphere/anybody opposing the status quo if I did so at all. Nothing has gotten off the ground yet, there is not much need for attacking one another before anything coherent even begins to take place. I am not an mra nor am I involved in any group, but I am much more inclined to show sympathy with those opposing the status quo opting instead to hold disdain for the status quo if anything. The point is that if everybody just works on themselves in order to “man up” (still don’t know what that means, but I have ascertained it means not teaming up and definitely not going after the SQ, especially not physically) which simply amounts to stuff they are probably already doing or want to do. Also, you’ll never get enough people doing that since most will miss these manosphere posts and those that do will simply workout and try and get laid and lay low. If that’s manning up, most my age were doing that since the 90s; it has resulted in the “taking of the world,” why is that?

        Anyway, I don’t mean to be critical, since I like your site and all, but I will only recommend that you not make the perfect the enemy of the good ’nuff.

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  8. Tim R. says:

    Correction: “it has resulted in ‘taking the world'” should read “HASN’T” instead.


  9. Exfernal says:

    At least don’t name drop when writing about porn habits. Do you think that there aren’t better (with regard to everything) alternatives to PornHub?


  10. Exfernal says:

    I would appreciate not dictating me what I need to do. Women are not among my needs. It’s a luxury, pretty down on the list of luxuries I indulge in.


  11. Exfernal says:

    I predict robotic (gynoid) geishas in less than a decade. Either they would be banned, or MGTOW would snowball to unprecedented numbers.


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  13. new anon says:

    You were doing pretty wll till you wrote this line: “Going MGTOW is a way to shield your ego from rejection.” The unstated premise of your statement seems to be that the ideal situation for a man is to be in some type of a relationship with a woman.

    The Bible records Paul’s recommendation from 2,000 years ago that men NOT get married, because the responsibilities that come from being in a relationship with a woman will prevent a man from reaching his full potential in other areas.

    While Paul was specifically talking about a man’s ability to fully serve God, it still illustrates a larger truth. Getting married (for a man) is a trade off–he sacrifices as much as he gains.

    Part of the MGTOW decision is balancing the benefits of a relationship with a woman with the sacrifices. Is marrying a woman worth giving up my dream of (insert-dream-here)? 50 years ago that question was never asked. Today it is, and that’s really the foundation of MGTOW. It’s not that modern men are trying to protect themselves from rejection. It’s that they are deciding that a relationship with a woman isn’t worth the price.

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  14. ThatCynicalCynicism says:

    Let’s suppose for a moment that a self-described MGTOW really was someone who couldn’t get a woman if he tried. Would that alone effect the question of whether or not abstaining from relationships is the best option for him in terms of long-term happiness and self-determination? I think the obvious answer to that question is no. Your post is heavy on the psychoanalyzing of MGTOW, but I think I can turn that on it’s head by asking a more pressing question: Why do some men still pursue women despite knowing full well the risks and drawbacks associated with doing so?

    I think the only discernible explanation is that they must be psychologically dependent upon women in some way, or at the very least; psychologically dependent upon the dream that they will one day be with one. Try-hard PUA types may like to rationalize this as some kind of strength, with reference to some mysticism about the ‘fundamentals of masculinity’, but in my estimation it is a signal weakness; almost invariably brought about by a lack of personal identity and self-respect. It has never bothered me that I am single, and it’s always amused me how others react towards my confirmed bachelorhood.

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    • Quite right. Masculinity is not defined by women, attraction is (their sexual preferences.)

      MGTOW is a viable option if your prioritise art/achievement over sexual success. The choice is one each and every man is free to make. MGTOWs can fuck hookers/have casual flings with women who make themselves easy. They don’t have to be celibate. I think MGTOWs get given an unnecessarily hard time.

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