Currently, I am finishing up reading The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by The Anonymous Conservative. For those who haven’t read it, I suggest you check it out. He lays out the role evolutionary psychology plays in our politics beliefs using r/K Selection Theory. Reading this book had me thinking of its applications towards a neoreactionary state and potential pitfalls such a form of government may run into.

Essentially, as civilization is built, resources become more abundant. As resources become more abundant, we as humans make subconscious psychological assessments of our environment and start trending towards r-selection. When we trend towards r-selection, we see things like dysgenic breeding patterns from hypersexuality, aversion from intra-tribal competition in our markets, and favoring of el-thedes over your own thede. With several historical examples of this throughout history (1960s and the Fall of Rome), it seems that it cannot be avoided. As our civilization prospers economically, eventually K-type individuals will be overrun by the r-types and civilization begins to decline. We are living in very r-selected times at the moment so we can only assume that the decline of the American empire (and the West for that matter) is in decline until it eventually reaches some sort of collapse.

This got me thinking about the governance of a neoreactionary state. Can a neoreactionary/reactionary form of government stave off the r-selected hoards?

Examining monarchy as a form of government, we have seen the toppling of all the great European kingdoms with the exceptions of Monaco and Lichtenstein. With that said, monarchy has virtually been eliminated as a form of government for over a century now. Some of that can be blamed on World War I when the United States entered the war and dismantled all that remained of the great European kingdoms. However, the fall of other European kingdoms cannot be blamed on being conquered in war. Look at France or the Russian monarchies. We are all quite familiar with the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution. With monarchy, unless society is strictly K-selected, the r-selected numbers will eventually outnumber and overpower the aristocracy and the king. The armies of monarchs have also been relatively small compared the armies under democratic states. The numbers are simply not there to prevent an r-selected overrun of the kingdom. Under monarchy, class consciousness is much greater than in democratic societies, so once the r-selected numbers become too great, revolution becomes inevitable. So is monarchy the type of government neoreactionaries should support? It is a great form of government but once kingdoms accumulate great wealth, it appears that r-selection begins to predominate and the kingdom is eventually overthrown by the r-selected mob.

Next, I’ll take a look at other benevolent dictatorships that are thrown around as examples of neoreactionary forms of government: Singapore and Hong Kong. For those unaware, Hong Kong has been having problems with the mob. They are demanding democracy in Hong Kong. Whether or not the Occupiers are successful in bringing about democratic elections in HK is yet to be seen. However, this is troublesome to say the least. Currently, HK enjoys extremely high levels of economic freedom under their current system. If the Occupy movement is successful in HK, it will likely spell doom for this economic freedom in the long haul (using Western-style governments as examples). HK could potentially become no different from the currently failing European states if they become fully democratized. In examining Singpore, they are not experiencing problems with the mob but they do have other problems. The big problem I view in Singapore is that Singaporeans are not having enough children, so outsiders are being imported to make up for declining native births (much like in the West).  Given the history of Singapore, the original Singaporeans would have been Malaysian. Today, the largest population in Singapore is ethnically Chinese (over 70%). A substantial portion of the workforce is foreign born.  Perhaps, multiculturalism may work in a non-democratic society (or it can only work with certain types of people), I bet that the ethno-nationalists out there would not like to live under a government that views them as economic cogs that can and should be replaced when they are not adequately breeding. So is rule by a board of directors adequate enough given that they may likely appease the mob in order to stay in power? or that they may import foreigners to replace native born citizens when breeding levels are not up to par? Also, another question to ask is why are fertility rates in Singapore so low? I do not know the answer to this last question and would be curious as to what you readers think.

So how can we reign in r-selection? Can it be reigned in? Is it inevitable that all civilizations will go through this cycle: K-selection>economic prosperity> r-selection> decline? One potential form of government as a means to prevent it would be a type of aristocratic republican form of government (junta) a la the book and film Starship Troopers. In Starship Troopers, only those who serve in the military are granted voice in government. Only they can hold office and only they can vote. While there are some democratic elements to their government, there is no universal suffrage. Given the fact that military service is required to earn citizenship, this could scare off those with aversion to conflict (r-selected) and promote a form of government where only the K-selected individuals have a say in governance. Many other types of benefits could be provided to those willing to serve as well, such as credits to aid in keeping native birth rates above replacement levels (kind of a third position economic policy). Also, given the fact that a substantial number of people would be willing to serve in order to receive these benefits, you guarantee that you will have a sizable force of warriors to squelch any progressive revolutionary rebellions that may take place (no problems with being outnumbered and overthrown like the old European monarchs).

So what are your thoughts reader? Is Starship Troopers the answer? or what do you recommend as an alternative?

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9 Responses to r-selection

  1. Beowald says:

    I’ve always liked the ST model, more in the book than the movie. I think in practice it would not be stable, because from the outset veterans would probably run things for their own benefit. Since their children would, unlike, say, Spartan citizens, not inherit the franchise, they would have less interest in the future than in the present benefits they could milk from the system. A refinement I’ve imagined would involve more than one path to citizenship. Honorable military service would earn the vote. So too would ownership of a mortgage-free house. And, in my fantasy, women would neither serve in the military nor vote, even if they did own property. Nothing seems to contribute to the growth of government more than female franchise.


  2. Replace all welfare with guaranteed min income contingent upon sterilization. % decrease in taxes per child to incentivize high earners.

    Hierarchal limited franchise authoritarian republic. One vote per property owning family with a child. Families vote for mayors vote for governors vote for president. Offices held indefinitely with holder designating successor and subject to recall vote. Wide latitude for executive action with limited constitution preserving right of exit but not admittance into other locales.

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    • infowarrior1 says:

      How would the voting franchise not be universalized as it had been in America despite being limited to landowners previously?


      • The incentive to grow the franchise previously existed in the democratic republican system of the USA, it would not exist in a hypothetical authoritarian republic.

        Even in a hypothetical situation where a mayor was facing a recall vote and wanted to put his thumb on the scale so to speak, it would require public spending that would guarantee capital flight and lead to an unrecoverable death spiral for that mayors office. Perhaps a few locales would try this, but it would be obvious how this would degrade the gov to most.


  3. Exfernal says:

    This trick for discrediting opposition was tried before, with only limited success:


  4. Honestly just get rid of of a centralize top down government of any kind. That is one of the biggest problem in the human development. Having a anarcho-capitalist/socialist or voluntary(not volunteering) society would greatly increase/stabilize/maintain the K selection process. When power is diffuse the r will naturally be kept in check or die off peacefully cause no one would be oblige to help them or they will be the incentives of survival, with no coercive means of exploitation, to produce value to survive and thrive. As I see it three things that will get us there sooner will be:
    1) Tech – as technology gets better we found ways of doing business/communicate in a peer to peer matter that requires little to no trust, more efficient, with little to no permission(think evading or working around regulations; gray/black markets, gold, silver and bitcoin and internet). Also, being able to satisfy our basic needs and some of our extreme desires with little to no help, think from being able to grow food easily like home gardens to sexually gratification(that one is especially important for men).
    2) Better parenting – basically peaceful parenting, no hitting, no shouting at all, and using patience and psycho-social dominance(and of course stable environment and stable parents with strong father-figure). When kids are raised properly the learn to view authority as something that meant to help theirs lives for the better not something that suppose to control and rule over you. They will have a natural inclination to value their own authority over their own lives but to not over others. They will be more inquisitive about the nature of authority which in turn will change the nature of governance. If you want to see where a group/society is at/heading check the psycho-history of said group/society. The less violence and psychological abuse a child experience in his formative years, combine with greater autonomy, the less likely they are to grow into an ‘r’ type adult. Also, the less likely you are to have a society of ‘r’ types.
    3)FREE AND STRONG MEN – I would say women also but that’s a moot point cause if the majority of men are individualistic and strong in their own right and learn to rationally put themselves above women and society everything else follows more or less.


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