Divorce Dominoes

In a Pew Research Poll, it was found that divorce is “contagious.” It turns out that if a close friend or family member gets a divorce, that you will be 75% more likely to experience divorce in your marriage. It was also found that if a friend of a friend got divorced, then your marriage was 33% more likely to end in divorce as well.

This should come to no surprise to red pill aware men. We all know that the female of the species is the more democratic of the sexes. So, naturally, women are more likely to be creatures of consensus. “Jenny just left her husband and she seems happy, maybe I too should get a divorce…”

As if marriage in the west were not hard enough already. Now men must stave off the lizard brain hordes in order to salvage their marriages. Queen Lizard Betty Friedan set off this chain reaction back in the day with her book The Feminine Mystique. The problem that had no name i.e. we made our women so comfortable in our resource-rich society that they became stir-crazy and decided to begin tearing it all down. Thanks Betty!

As stated previously, the contagion of divorce is only more bad news for the American male. It just increases the likeliness of paying out alimony, child support, and losing custody of the children. Of Americans receiving spousal support i.e. alimony, only 3% were male. For those who will end up paying child support, men represent 85% of those who are paying out child support. Not only are they more likely to be the payers of child support, but they are also more likely to pay more than their female counterparts. Around 83% of child custody cases are rewarded to the mother. If you are one of the lucky winners of the custody battle, the likeliness of you receiving child support is less than that of a woman receiving child support had she won the custody battle. Yay equality!

More and more men are aware that marriage is a bad deal. However, they keep going back for more. Men are nearly twice as likely as women to want to remarry. Why men, why?!  I can understand trying it once to try and start a family. Why subject yourself (again) to the anti-male system described above? Wasn’t having your balls in a vice the first time enough to deter you? Unlike the child that learns the stove is hot by burning himself, men (insanely) keep placing their hands on the stove expecting it to be cool the second… or third… or fourth time around. This behavior says a lot about men in the west. It says they are uncomfortable with themselves. They are unhappy alone. They are reliant on women to provide for their happiness. If you cannot be happy alone, then you will not be happy within a relationship… at least not for long. Your hopeless romanticism will likely leave you bankrupted… so grow a pair for Christ’s sake.

As feminism kills civilization, men keep marching like lemmings.

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2 Responses to Divorce Dominoes

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  2. A.B Prosper says:

    Men , especially conservative ones will do anything to feel like a man of honor and the only marker they really have left that most can attain is marriage and children.

    If men decide to embrace a different more active honor, Christian, Philosophical, Pagan or even Islamic instead of the passivized mutant Protestant Cultural Marxist strain we live and stop sublimating those drives into video games or whatever else , look out.

    At that point, especially if they gain a stoic acceptance of their own and others death as inevitable or worse desirable as some of the Islamic strains do, civilization will either end or change or every man with courage will die and we’ll see a slaughter like World War 1

    As such, conservative men even the ones that haven’t thought it out know down in their bones, revolutions are awful and want to avoid them or being the democracy addicts we are, keep trying political solutions.

    Hopefully we will stop or maybe win politically, a slight chance granted before its too late.

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