This blog is dedicated to both reactionary politics and to masculinity. However, I have been lacking in putting material in regards to masculinity. So I think I will change things up and write about romance. This post is inspired by something I read by Rollo Tomassi. I am not quite sure if I read it on his blog or in his book but I do want to make sure credit is due where credit is due.

When examining romance between the sexes, it is clear to me that men are truly the creatures of romance, not women. Nearly all romantic gestures are ideas thought up by men for the benefit of women. It has been the nature of men to impress women, to appreciate women, and to love them. Whether it is buying flowers or romantic dinners, it is always men performing romantic gestures for women. Chivalry is just one example of romantic gestures designed by men for the benefit of women. We do this to show our appreciation for the women in our lives.

You see this on even grander scales with holidays such as Valentine’s Day. While some may say this holiday was designed by confectioners to make some money off of the sale of chocolates, the theme is still the same. Men do the romancing and wooing of women on this holiday. Women expect this. Candies, flowers, romantic candle lit dinners, and other tokens of appreciation to the women we love.

Look at marriage. The gesture of the proposal to marriage is quite a romantic gesture. It has to be perfect. The wedding ceremony is her big day. She dresses up in princess attire and it is an entire ceremony dedicated to celebrating her.

Look at breast cancer awareness month. This is once again a giant collective romantic gesture by the NFL (and society for that matter) in order to celebrate and appreciate women and their struggle against breast cancer. Masculine male athletes don pink attire for an entire month. Pink ribbons can be found everywhere and not just in the football stadiums. In terms of disease awareness months, breast cancer awareness is easily the most popular. Men do this to show their appreciation for the women in our lives.

Sadly, these gestures go unappreciated by females. Men make great sacrifices to show the women they love that they appreciate them. However, these gestures are often not appreciated. Often they are expected. This is the gynocentric sense of entitlement that women are afflicted with. It is embedded deep into their psychology. Our male hamsters work overtime to rationalize to ourselves that one day our women will love and appreciate the things we do. However, we are deceiving ourselves. Women will never be able to love a man in the way a man expects to be loved.

Is this some Freudian expectation that we have that the women in our lives will love us like our mothers did? Maybe. Or is it perhaps that we feel that the level of sacrifice we put into romance is never equally reciprocated? Maybe.

Can you think of a romantic gesture that women do for men? I cannot. Even though some women are capable of performing a romantic gesture on occasion, it will never match the grandiosity of the gestures that men perform for women.

For this reason, it is easy to become misogynist. It is easy to despise or resent the fairer sex. However, we must understand that this is simply the nature of the female species. When you understand that, regardless of how much you romance a woman, hypergamy doesn’t care, then you begin to accept women for who (or what) they are. This is the essence of the red pill. It is not hatred of women. It is understanding women. However, in our egalitarian society, the notion that men and women are two distinctly different creatures is not welcome. It is often greeted with great hostility.

So much frustration men have with women is derived from the fact that they fail to understand (or accept) the idea of sexual dimorphism. They are bought and sold on the idea of egalitarianism. They believe we are exactly the same with some differences in plumbing. Equality is a false God though. It denies our human nature.

I do not hate women. I enjoy women immensely. However, I would say that I have a healthy skepticism about them due to their nature. I think both sexes share some level of skepticism about the opposite sex. That is okay. When we let our paranoia get the best of us, we end up as spinsters or MGTOWs. I should go more into MGTOW but that is a different post for a different day. I do not avoid women. However, I do deny them my essence.

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4 Responses to Romance

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  2. hassang66 says:

    Thanks for this post!

    I think all the oppression of women that is being done today in the name of many things (liberation, advertisements etc.) is being done by men.


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