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I’m afraid our good friend the Gaelic Norsemen is correct about the men of ‘nerdoreaction.’ If neoreactionaries want to be taken seriously, they are going to look the part of alpha male and they are going to have to start embracing their masculinity.  Instead of merely talking about it, they will actually have to walk the walk. They are going to have to become alpha males. It is time to become the patriarchal figures of authority that they secretly envision themselves as. That means it is time to hit the gym and throw on some muscle.  They say men who are physically strong are more likely to be right-wing. If you are a neoreactionary, you are already pretty right-wing but imagine how much more hardcore you can be if you can bench press your own weight. Plus, chicks dig a man with muscles because of the aura of confidence that is imbued in a physically strong man.

I know part of you kind of fancies this Revenge of the Nerds fantasy, where the techno-commercialists reign supreme. Do you think the barbarian hordes are going to allow a bunch of pencil-necked dweebs to run society? Besides, when singularity arrives and your robotic machinations turn on all of humanity, who do you think will be more prepared to stop Skynet?

this guy?

this guy?

or this guy?

or this guy?

Lifting weights will raise your testosterone! Nothing will make the panties drop of traditional Catholic women like a strong, muscular, high-T man. Besides, exercise is good for you.  You’ll feel better about yourself.  You’ll feel more confident. You may even turn a few heads from the ladies after a few months in the gym.

So it is time to man up! Let’s prepare for the age of Reaction.  We are going to need you in tip top fighting shape to fight off the Brahmin hordes after we secede to form our neoreactionary nation-state. We are going to need strong warriors to hold the line!

First off, we are going to need to increase that strength.  You have been typing so many long-winded blog posts about how you want to destroy modernity that your puny forearms have developed carpel tunnel syndrome. It’s okay though. We are here to help. Generally, a nice 5×5 program will be a great starting point in order to increase your strength. Assuming you are not much of a weightlifter, this will also put on a bit of muscle as well.

Great places to start:

Secondly, it’s time to put down the sugary beverages and processed foods.  It’s time to start eating clean. Contrary to popular belief, we simply do not need all those carbohydrates in our diet. A diet high in healthy fats and proteins will keep you lean and squelch your hunger. Have you heard of the Paleo diet? Check it out. If you like meats and vegetables, it should be a relatively easy diet to adopt. Read John Durant‘s book The Paleo Manifesto for more information.

So men of ‘nerdoreaction,’ it is time to step away from the computers and to embrace the barbell. It is time to build some muscle in order to fight modernity. As Jon Pall used to say, “there is no reason to be alive if you can’t do deadlift.”

Other great blogs you can read for male self-improvement:

Some blogs about lifting weights:

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12 Responses to Embrace the Barbell

  1. Can’t agree enough. Any man of the right needs to focus first on improving himself along physical as well as mental axes.


  2. Shake says:

    Do we know that they are not strong and muscular? Why the assumption?


  3. Max says:

    “imagine how much more hardcore you can be if you can bench press 2x your own weight.”


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  4. nickbsteves says:

    I started to enumerate the fallacies in this post. Then I gave up, because it was just making me more pissed off. The one the seems overarching is this: There is one archetype that all neoreactionaries, who are, by some implied definition “with the” (implied) program, ought aspire to.

    There is another fallacy toward which I wish this post didn’t lend a modicum of credence: That intellectual mastery and physical mastery militate mutually against each other.


    • I would have said the article makes exactly the opposite point; intellectual mastery is no excuse for physical poverty. Moreover, physical mastery sharpens and enhances mental mastery, because the mind exists as part of the body.

      Being complete men — with mastery of our physical, mental and spiritual attributes, to the fullest extent that we can develop them, fits very comfortably within the notions of neoreaction.

      Would that our wealth of guidance on spiritual and mental mastery was as complete as the resources on physical mastery are.

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      • nickbsteves says:

        Yes. One may draw such a conclusion from the article, and is one I have no argument with. But why then start with the assumption: “Looney’s right yer all pencilnecks, now let’s get with the program here!” (Based on the large number of reactionary and NRx men I’ve met IRL, that assumption is absolutely baseless.) I’d also like to put in a plug for the (seemingly obvious, but increasingly Catholic (and Orthodox) only) position that it is impossible to perform all possible goods. We are not all equally well equipped to achieve one man’s chosen set of priorities. Some neoreactionaries are more bookish and studious than others. Their time is valuable doing what they do best. Neither neoreaction nor reaction is, in my experience, beset by wimpy men. Could we do better? Yes. Are we pathetic nerdy weaklings? No.

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      • Fair enough. There is a path somewhere between exhorting members of a group to greater achievement, and perpetuating or establishing an impression of the group as a whole as being lacking in that respect.
        Especially online without the IRL references to refer to, framing these points well is important.


    • Shake says:

      That assumption was what inspired my comment Nick.

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  5. Ivan says:

    Muscles are the new fedora. Muscular guys may be more likely to hold right wing views but I’ve met more than a few muscular dudes who could be classified as “beta”. If you look at the men in history who commanded the respect of their peers, a few of them looked like he-man, but many had weak jawlines and dyel physiques.

    In the reactosphere we seem to get a lot of guys who realize that the modern world suffers from a deficit of masculinity and then respond by taking up the trappings of manliness via bodybuilding, picking up women or reading musty old reactionary texts. Being masculine is a mindset. A man accepts that he is responsible for his own actions and has a duty to be a leader in his family and his community. Fully committing to that mindset when you’ve been raised in the narcissistic progressive western society is like going from being a progressive or a libertarian to being a reactionary. You will have to break your brain and rebuild it over time to overcome the years of conditioning and cognitive dissonance. As you integrate that mindset into your life you will build the character and personality that lends itself to leadership. Being athletic and attractive is a good way to get attention but it is no replacement for true character, especially if you accept the idea that the goal is to influence the upper tail of he bell curve rather than the lowest common denominator.

    Staying fit and eating healthy are great things that everyone should do. Saying that being /fit/ or alpha or whatever is part of being a neoreactionary is getting dangerously close to the realm of ideology as a lifestyle. Neoreaction is a set of ideas about politics and culture, not a replacement for our broken culture. Adding lifestyle elements like lifting weights or whatever Phalanx is doing makes your ideology look cultish and weird to outsiders. It can also create self-imposed hurdles to more important self development goals e.g., I need to focus on reading Julius Evola, not fapping and lifting now, and once I have become truly volkisch I will be able to take a wife, have children and begin my true life.

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  7. esoterictrad says:

    It’s interesting how so much of the Manosphere consists of ‘Just Lift’.

    When I was running around chasing women and being successful with them at University I didn’t lift at all, I did martial arts and some pushups and walked everywhere. I am lucky in being relatively tall and not ugly and was generally fit but my confidence was what taught me RP truths before I’d even heard of them and gave me my success with women.

    I started getting strong once I was in working life, first it was 100pushups, then it was Crossfit, then it was my own version of Crossfit and then I went to the gym to get stronger. That being said simply lifting the barbell in the gym is but one area of fitness.

    The current fad of lifting is a product of the times we live in, where masculine pursuits are rare, where men don’t often experience masculine jobs that require them to be strong, where mastery has become mostly dedicated to keyboard warriors. The looking good side of things is always going to be more important in a modern society, as much as strength training is valuable, most will optimise for looks.

    I term this the bench press fallacy – the bench press is seen as the measure of a lifting man. If you can’t put up an impressive number, or as another commentator said 2x bodyweight, then you ain’t nothing. But the bench press as being an overly useful exercise? Overhead pressing beats it almost every time in the real world. Even in specific situations such as in a ground fight pushing someone off you, strength in other areas is what will allow you to bridge and create the space to escape. If anything, in those situations you actually want to rely on that and keep your arms close and compressed but thats another topic!

    This has run onto being long-winded but I heartily agree that people should lift and be strong, largely because it is the best way to survive a violent world. The world of the barbarians that is always so appealing and close to us.

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  8. infowarrior1 says:

    You should not only train your strength. But take up a martial art that is most conducive to reality. So that you can put the strength you get to good use.

    Also visit this website for knowledge on how to navigate the mechanics of violence that men had to contend with over the ages:


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