The Only Way Going Forward

Most neoreactionaries are already on board with the idea that the United States as we know it today must end. However, they are a small minority in the grand scheme of right-leaning political movements. Most American conservatives seem to believe they are going to “take the country back.” The only remotely reactionary element in US politics today is the Tea Party movement and their popularity has dwindled greatly. With that said, there are no forces in place to “take the country back” and now would be the best time to attempt to do so. As well all know, demographics are destiny. These people who believe we can save the United States are the Americultists (h/t Fringe Elements). They cling to the idea of a vision of the United States which only exists in their imaginations. It’s too late Americultists, the patient died of liver failure over a week ago.

This is a fools errand to attempt to take back the United States. If, and that is a big if, you could take the country back, what would the spoils be? Would that America be worth having back? Also, the other big issue with the American conservative movement is their Constitution addiction. “If only we followed the Constitution, then everything would be alright…” Yes. If only. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts then we’d all have a lovely Bill of Rights. That is the problem though. The Constitution has never been followed since the founding of this nation. Even the Founding Fathers who wrote the damn Constitution violated it. So why attempt to salvage a system of government which has already proven itself not to be able to function properly? I believe there is a name for repeating the same thing over again and expecting different results…

The good news is that there may be a glimmer of hope for the future and it lies in the spirit of Dixie. Several polls show that about 1 in 4 Americans support the idea of secession (Zogby)(HuffPo)(Newsweek). The Zogby and HuffPo polls are a tad dated (from 2008) so I threw in the Newsweek poll as well which is recent (2014) to show you that feelings on secession are fairly strong and that they remain relatively unchanged over the course of the past 6 years. Some interesting little tidbits to take away from these polls are that young people (18-29) support the right to secession (27.3%) or in the Zogby poll, around 40% for those aged 18-24. Another interesting factoid to take away is that feelings of secession are actually the strongest in the African American and Hispanic American communities (40% and 43% respectively). The biggest hurdle to secession is actually the white people with an abysmal support rating of 17% and as mentioned previously, they are becoming a smaller minority. So, even though it appears to be a pipe dream, there is an undercurrent in this country that can make secession possible. SWPLs are naive in believing that La Raza will go along with their entire political agenda. The desire for Aztlan is real. As for the blacks, they are currently being displaced from their communities by hipster gentrification projects and the Central American invasion. As polling indicates, they would support secession, and I bet they would really support the idea if they could have their own ethno-state where they could exercise their right to self-determination. This is where we can come in.

The only viable solution is to actually work with these other nationalists movements and agree to carve up the United States into several pieces like big ole pie. Fighting a war to leave the United States has been tried once before and was not successful (sorry Dixie). However, if the dissolution of the US can be agreed upon by a majority of the country in the future, then we may have our exit strategy.

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