Response to TRS: Elections Don’t Matter

So the 2014 elections are over and the GOP won big, holding the House and taking the Senate. Yay!

2014 election results

This is what democracy looks like.

Now we can begin our conservative revolution! We can shut down the borders and repeal Obamacare…

Except neither of those things are going to happen…ever.

Let me paint a picture of the next two years for you. The neoconservative-controlled GOP now has the green light to appear as conservative as it wants to be and pass any laws it wants through the House and Senate. Endless bills will end up on the president’s desk and all of them will be vetoed. President Obama will complain that the Republicans refuse to pass a bipartisan bill that he feels comfortable signing. The media will continue to excoriate Republicans. No bills will get passed. Third world invasion will continue. Obamacare will remain the law of the land. Anti-racist air flights from Ebola-stricken Africa will continue. The economy will slowly sputter along. The national debt will grow. The last two years of the Obama presidency will be almost entirely irrelevant (really the only good to come out of this election).

The folks over at seem to believe that this is a turning point towards a “slightly less dildo” world. Before I go on, I will first say this: I love TRS. They are easily one of my favorite blogs and I love their podcast The Daily Shoah. They are usually not guilty of GOP cheerleading or promoting milquetoast conservatism. However, this is reactionary shrooming at its finest. We know God damn well that the Republicans are not going to do shit the next 2 years. We also know that IF, and that’s a big if, the GOP wins in 2016, they are not going to slam through some Constitutional Conservative agenda. They certainly are not going to pass Tea Party, libertarian, reactionary, neoreactionary, traditionalist, nationalist, any remotely right-wing laws. Perhaps the Supreme Court can be altered in order to prevent the unleashing of progressive flood gates for a few decades. Lord knows that the neoconservatives that control the GOP will continue their Israeliphile agenda. Other than that, the bureaucratic tyranny of the progressive state will continue as planned.

In this midterm election cycle, over $4B was spent, making it one of the most expensive midterm elections ever. This money is going primarily towards advertisements. Very rarely are undecided people showing up to organized political events for candidates during the midterm elections. This money is going primarily towards TV and radio adverts. Progressives vote Democrat and Conservatives vote Republican. These people will never be swayed by a television ad. Who are these ads targeting? As TRS would say, these ads are targeting the dildos. These ads appeal to the intellectually bankrupted, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, lowest common denominator, reality TV show watching, low information voter who is too retarded to have a political opinion that he/she is swayed by a 30 second TV ad. This is how elections are won: by obtaining the dildo vote. Every election cycle, billions of dollars are spent to obtain this vote. These are the people who elect our political leaders. These are the people who voted for Obama (twice) because he is black or because he is cool. This is what Idiocracy looks like.

The one chance we had to save the USA was in Ron Paul and even then, it would be like showing up with a liver transplant a week after the patient has died of liver failure. It was too late then. It is too late now. Despair and enjoy the decline.

So are we really moving towards a less dildo world if the entire legitimacy of our government is based on the will of the dildos, instead of its competency? To the folks over at TRS, all I have to say is:

come on man

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6 Responses to Response to TRS: Elections Don’t Matter

  1. “So are we really moving towards a less dildo world if the entire legitimacy of our government is based on the will of the dildos, instead of its competency? ”

    If we all agree that there is no legitimacy anyway, then I can’t see why this result isn’t:
    1. A good bit of schadenfraude for liberal tears
    2. A halt to aspects of the dildo rachet

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  2. pumpsix says:

    I don’t know how bad it is in the US. However, a viable ‘Right-wing’ government has been elected into Australia. I don’t think all hope is lost. If we can do it, I believe it can be done in both the US and the UK.


  3. Max says:

    The only thing more delicious than liberal tears are preening hipster NRx tears. Signalling frantically like Slate writers about how meaningless elections are and how (D)s and (R)s are indistinguishable, and we are doomed, I tell you, doomed, and how dare you dirty Vaisyas take pleasure in your tribe putting points on the board in a game you’re destined to lose. But the NRx hipsters are not so crass, they are just, like, above it all, man. And they CERTAINLY aren’t so low-class as to VOTE, much less to vote for REPUBLICANS. Ugh! My word! The finger-wagging Brits are right, after all. The Cathedral is right. Inevitability ought not to be fought. Just lie down and take it. We deserve this, after all, we asked for it by installing democracy, and now God’s will must be wrought. To resist is to defy Providence, and the Cathedral’s wrath may justly fall upon these evil sinners.

    Traitor. Entryist. Left-wing hack. Pathetic status-seeker. Fool.

    Grow up.


  4. esoterictrad says:

    Hope is a powerful drug.

    In cases like this TRS is guilty of wishful thinking. Cthulu moves ever leftward, simply electing nominally right-wing politicians doesn’t change how the Cathedral will operate.

    If anything they can become more powerful in opposition, remember the Bush2 years. It increases their base as more young people indoctrinated by an already leftist academia.They get to dominate the media in a negative light and the propaganda becomes more powerful as they can appear to be once again opposing the powers that be.

    TRS and their post whining about people not voting because it is edgy makes them look like the old school conservatives who think America can just roll back to 1950 overnight if we put some rich white guys in power. The rich white guys in power have been fucking it up for a long time now.

    The decline is happening and it is real, TRS is just engaging in hope and denial that bit longer.

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  5. Meow Mix says:

    Reactionary Tree, I love ya, but this is silly. Even if you think voting isn’t going to completely un-dildo civilization why not just go and vote GOP anyway? It’s not that hard to get registered and vote. It takes a couple hours out of your day. Saying you shouldn’t even vote because civilization is doomed anyways is like saying you shouldn’t stomp on a single cockroach because there are thousands more in your basement . It doesn’t make sense.

    You said yourself that the Right needs to stick together and I agree 100%. I won’t throw a Rightist under the bus even if I don’t agree with their specific ideology, religion, nationality, etc. I just want to push the Overton window to the right. I’m tired of everyone LARPing. I’m not asking you or anyone else to sell out their principles, I’m asking everyone to use ever tactic available to defeat the Left and yes, that includes voting and being involved with mainstream conservative groups.


    • I agree with the whole “just vote GOP” message but the GOP is so far left to the American conservative that they don’t serve our interests. They are products of the Cathedral. There truly is no right wing voice in our government, media, education, institutions, etc.

      The republicans don’t even have the balls to cut spending. They won’t stop anything if they can’t even muster up the courage to stand for something that is not even politically incorrect.


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