Neoreactionary Echo Chamber

As you read this, there is a cultural war being fought over social media. While #GamerGate may seem like a relatively insignificant phenomenon, it does have some major implications. I do not play video games and do not really care much about them but #GamerGate is not really about the games, it is about media corruption. The man behind the curtain has been exposed and it is the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) pulling the levers. We over here at #NRx realize that SJWs are just Cultural Marxists and agents of the Cathedral. However, most of these gamers who are upset about their past time being hijacked in order to promote a political agenda do not realize this. So #GamerGate is a great teaching opportunity in order to red pill a large number of people. Mike from over at Danger & Play has been waging war on behalf of gamers, despite himself not being much of one. Roosh’s Return of Kings has also been waging war against the SJWs (here and here). An unlikely hero has arisen to provide refuge to the folks over at 4chan by creating 8chan. Davis Aurini has been working on his documentary to expose the Cultural Marxist infection that is rampant in the gaming industry. Heck, even I took a shot at the mainstream media over #GamerGate. Yet, we neoreactionaries (for the most part) have been awfully quiet when it comes to #GamerGate and we are being called out for it:

Some of us think, we should never make any attempts to battle our sworn enemy, the Cathedral. Is inaction against an entity which truly seeks to destroy us a viable option? I don’t think that sitting on the sidelines is that useful.

#GamerGate is a great opportunity to sow the seeds of reactionary thought in the minds of many people. There are several dozen neoreactionary blogs out there. Most of it is contained to philosophizing and pondering, which is great, but they can also be tools against the Cathedral.

Imagine if several dozen neoreactionary blogs produced articles like the one I did above or this one here over at Theden. We can create a pretty decent size web presence if we produced a dozen articles calling out some journalist for their behaviors. Our echo chamber can act as a modern day Samizdat. Heck, our enemies already believe that we are somehow behind #GamerGate:

gamergate neoreactionaries

Instead of going at each other’s throats over things like usury or the JQ, we should develop a little bit of camaraderie among ourselves. It is nice to see projects like the Phalanx being developed. We have already been attacked by the media. We need to have each others backs. No one in the world is going to come to the aid of any of the men in neoreaction. All we have is each other. It sounds corny but its true.

So how do we conduct our modern day Samizdat? Well our good friend Matt Forney has the blue print. Forney has used this tactic to a great extent over on his blog (here and here). I used this as a resource in my article on Sorya McDonald. I’ll admit that my blog is relatively new and in no way near as popular as Matt Forney’s. However, I have received several hits on that article for people who Googled McDonald’s name. It’s simple and safe. Now imagine if a handful of the neoreactionary blogs out there also produced a hit piece on McDonald or any of the other journalists who are in need of being punished? You would have a sizable web presence. Will people take it seriously considering the source? Maybe, maybe not. However, it lives forever on the internet. We also have the benefit of being anonymous, or at least most of us do. The mainstream media journalists do not. Advantage: Neoreaction. Also, the mainstream media is not going to do counter hit piece because that would be considered way below them to go after anonymous internet bloggers. Advantage: Neoreaction. Now, we have seen the likes of Gawker and Buzzfeed stoop to low levels writing hit pieces against bloggers. Also, we have seen the likes Tech Crunch come after neoreaction as a movement as well. To be honest, the Tech Crunch article was one of the first things I heard about neoreaction and got me interested in it because I had become disaffected with libertarianism (thanks Tech Crunch!).  Their hit pieces against us are not that effective. It’s either progressives who already hate us or people who end up getting red pilled who read their articles. Advantage: Neoreaction.

There are very few consequences to getting our hands dirty in the #GamerGate fight. Yes, SJWs are annoying as fuck. I had at least a dozen of them harass me all day online. And yes, they do seem pretty keen on doxxing people because they’re just so noble and righteous. If you are one of the guys already with your real life identities attached to neoreaction, this is not a concern to you. To those who are anonymous and wish to remain that way, I can understand that it is a major concern. It is pretty hard to get doxxed however, especially if you have been particularly diligent about remaining anonymous. Just be smart about your internet presence.

We need to band together when our enemies come after us. Set aside disagreements. We are all we have. We should also work together when the opportunity presents itself to make an impact on the culture. The moment has presented itself in #GamerGate. To make this point, I unironically show to you the fasces:


It is a symbol of strength and power in numbers. One stick weak, many sticks strong…

UPDATE: Apparently it is not below the mainstream media to attack internet bloggers. MSNBC calls out Mike from Danger & Play around the 7:10 minute mark. Sargon of Akkad does a nice break down of the #GamerGate hit piece by MSNBC:


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6 Responses to Neoreactionary Echo Chamber

  1. esoterictrad says:

    What is expected from NRx by people like Roosh?

    Are we supposed to sink more time into arguing with idiot SJWs on Twitter?

    I tangled with Mike from DangerandPlay when the Manosphere was realising people on the right might have some valid criticisms, he was crude and chimp like then. Nice to see this time around however he is focusing his anger on the right people. Him and others seem to be leading the fight just fine and I support them.

    I was under the impression one of the issues with GamerGate is that it has been attempted to be hijacked by the SJWs and others – if NRx attempts the same it might also be problematic.

    You can’t just run in and convert people to Dark-Enlightenment ideas, as people realise the corruption and agenda of SJWs they should naturally start exploring further. If that takes them to the manosphere, so be it, if it brings them towards Reaction great.

    Your suggestion people run blog posts related to it seems the most sensible way to piggy-back this. I’m not a great writer but believe it or not in a past life I actually was involved in a Video Game review section of a University paper, maybe I’ll throw something together.


    • I guess Roosh wants us to throw our hats in the ring.

      #GamerGate is becoming a major cultural battle. Heck, even MSNBC ran a hit piece segment against Mike from Danger & Play.

      If we can convert a few people by showing them the light that this is more than a problem in gaming journalism but all journalism, then that is great. Destroying one of the wings of the Cathedral by removing their credibility only helps.


      • esoterictrad says:

        MSNBC ran a hit-piece on the bloke??

        That is crazy.

        Wow, the American media is so insane. Miles ahead down the road of progressive propaganda than anything here in Europe, even the UK I think. That is just something else, the total collusion should be fought.

        Though I’m sure some NRx would say their hats have been in the ring the whole time, attacking feminism, democracy and egalitarianism from the start. But that’s maybe splitting hairs.


      • i’ll post the video in the blog post


  2. radamanthes says:

    Most of the people in the US are still conservative, but a lot of them are asleep. In general people have accepted the leftist infiltration of government, academia, journalism, but when it comes to beloved forms of entertainment that they hold especially dear then there is an outrage.

    Look at how people reacted to the Duck Dynasty thing. All of a sudden people were offended because their beloved show was in danger, and the producer backed down and gave in to the immense social pressure. It’s good to see that the same thing is happening with games. In truth games are a refuge where a lot of me go to retreat. In real live you can be an abject loser, but in games you can be a boss with multiple castles, lots of money, a huge empire, etc. It’s a place where men can go to feel some sense of accomplishment and get some sort of validation. The SJW intrusion is most unwelcome, because people are going there to relax, not to be bombarded with the usual crap.

    I am a gamer, but I do wish that people would respond with more outrage to the academia, the media, and the government. We have a long road to go down before we get our country back,a nd the truth is we may never get it all back, but we must do what we must do, if not for us then for our children.

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  3. Cassandra says:

    Please join the discussion here, we need your involvement:


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