Progressivism is Nihilism

Progressivism is nihilism.  Progressives seek equality, in every sense of the word.  Equality among races.  Equality among sexes.  Equality in economic outcomes.  When everything is equal though, those things lose their uniqueness.  When something has lost its uniqueness, it has lost its value.  It becomes worthless.

You see this in everything the progressive agenda tries to promote.  Race is a social construct.  Gender is a social construct. Sexuality is fluid.  The only true religion is Atheism.  We must have income equality.  We must have wealth redistribution.  We must all have the same education.  We must not have borders.  We must not have nations. We are all citizens of the world.  We must not have our own culture. We must have many cultures. All cultures all equally as important.  We must not have tradition. We must have new traditions.  We must not have politically incorrect opinions. We all must toe the line.  We must all be exactly the same.

Egalitarianism is the greatest lie of our time. So many say they embrace this ideology. This is extremely dangerous for society. When the beliefs are that we should all be equal and then we find numerous examples of inequality in our society, resentment builds. People are filled with envy and hatred towards those who are not as mediocre as themselves. The only solution in their mind is to tear these individuals or institutions down.

It is the goal of progressives to destroy every sense of identity that we as human beings have.  They want to destroy our cultures, our nations, our religious beliefs, our traditions.  They want to dismantle everything that defines us.  Progressives want to atomize us to become interchangeable cogs in their progressive utopia.  They want to destroy your individuality.  They want to destroy your sense of belonging.  They want to tear you down and rebuild you into their army of drones.

Progressives essentially want to destroy humanity.  They want us to cease being human. Their ideology defies human nature. It is unnatural.  They will not stop until they have enslaved the entire planet under their ideology. Don’t believe me? Read the Communist Manifesto. Their goal is worldwide destruction of monarchs, aristocrats, capitalists, families, nations, churches. The left is evil, they seek nothing but chaos and violence. Is it any wonder why nearly every progressive movement has brought about nothing but death and destruction?


To help reinforce my point, Jack Donovan over at Radix writes:

“To be a mere “person” is to be a blank, a nothing, an empty hard drive loaded with a capricious collection of applications to be installed and uninstalled according to fashion or whim. The sexless, genderless person is the perfect, completely interchangeable cog in the global corporate machine. The potato-head has no nation, no honor, no loyalty, no connection, no people, no sex, no identity that cannot be altered for convenience. Just hardware with a few quirks, limitations, and abilities.”

So reject their destructive nihilism. Egalitarianism is a lie.  Embrace good, peace, order, and freedom. These are the foundations for a healthy civilization.  Be a proud man. Have pride in your race, your ethnicity, your religion, your culture, your traditions, your nation. Let us purge the world of progressive thought. Remember that the opposite of equality is quality. Quality, hierarchy, freedom, and the natural order are reality. Hopefully, humanity will snap back to its senses.

As with religion and genetic selection, the techno-commercial complex can be driven into darkness, socially occulted, and stigmatized as a public enemy. It cannot, however, be de-realized by political fiat. –Nick Land

Nature is on our side.

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10 Responses to Progressivism is Nihilism

  1. Ansible says:

    This is your best post yet. Keep going along this vein, when you break down NRx critiques of progressivism into something this truthful and simple you make it very difficult for a brahmin to fault your argument. The brahmins that NRx ought to focus on reeling in are the millenials, as they are supposedly the next hero generation. If you want to stop the long march you’ve got to grab them young, the Cathedral knows this which is why it is putting Common Core in all the schools. Convincing adults is much more difficult. They’ve had years to build up an immunity to outside input with their own personal bias. The problem with trying to convince millenials using Moldbug and Co. is that to a millennial raised on Facebook, Twitter, and various attention grabbing mass media anything longer than a page looks like homework. And the Cathedral isn’t giving them extra credit for studying Foseti until 3:00 am.

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    • Thank you. I do try to keep my posts relatively short for a reason. I understand that reading a Moldbug post or Radish article takes at least a good hour to read though and not everyone has the time (or patience) to do such a thing.


  2. Harold says:

    They are not actually progressives in the original sense, just as they are not liberals, nor are they tolerant, nor freethinkers, not heirs of the enlightenment, not lovers of diversity, and on it goes.

    They are ignorant, as we know. They are also bigoted, defined in my dictionary as: Having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.

    They are ignorant bigots.


    • radamanthes says:

      A perfect summation of what they are, and actually this is the major problem. The left relies upon lies, obfuscation, and appropriation of terms. They cannot debate honestly or present themselves and their agenda in an open and honest fashion. They try to win the debate by controlling the dialectic, which is why it is absolutely vital for us to call them out with statements like what you just made.


  3. Harold says:

    Via mild colonial boy’s blog, via Across Difficult Country.

    “…a devotion to diversity arguably distinguishes the Right from the Left. The elements of this devotion are many; consider, for example, respect for regional traditions, the insistence that human beings are not interchangeable, the tendency to think in terms of distinct persons rather than large classes of people, support for various institutions that shield individuals from the State, as well as the related belief in decentralization.”—Rein Staal, “On Being Reactionary.”
    follow the link for a link to the original.


  4. radamanthes says:

    Well said my brother. It seems that we agree on pretty much everything. I would just add that there are basically two kinds of leftists, the Koolaid drinking follower (who is motivated largely by fear and personal insecurity), and the leftist leader/mastermind (who is motivated by ego and a will to power). I don’t know which mindset is more diseased, but I do know which is more dangerous. An evil man of low intellect is a danger to the streets, an evil man of great intellect is a danger to the nation as a whole, and potentially the world.

    Also, coming to atheism. I find it interesting how people who claim to believe in evolution are so thoroughly opposed to natural heirarchies, or letting people rise and fall to the level of their abilities (which is really just natural selection). It just goes to show that everything they do is entirely dishonest, and there is a disconnect between what they say and what their real motives are. Even if you don’t believe in evolution it’s still a fact that natural heirarchies exist, and not everyone is equal in terms of ability and strength. Imposing artificial restrictions just stymies natural growth and kills cultures.

    In fact multiculturalism was predicted in the Bible thousands of years ago. If you read in Daniel where he has the vision of the statue, they talk about different empires that are to come, and how they change in temperament and quality. First you have the Babylonians (the head of gold), then the Persians (silver), the Greeks (bronze I think), the Romans (the iron empire which smashes everything), and finally the feet of the statue, which are a mixture of clay and iron. Those are the “empires” of the last days, which represent an incoherent mix of different incompatible people groups, ready to shatter. And of course they are shattered when stricken by the stone.


  5. radamanthes says:

    BTW you should check out my latest entry and let me know what you think. I have decided to give my potentially sage advice to men, women, and parents, now that I am going to be a parent myself. You can tell me what you think. My advice for men is there, my advice for women and parents is pending.


  6. KWallace says:

    I don’t like that you’ve put a rather simple mannered word with such a varied and often non-nihilist approaching group. Nihilism isn’t even negative. It’s static. You don’t go forward or back, left or right. It’s a matter of not needing to go anywhere, since the primitive actions of the species has been out of a sense of survivalism and now tribalism which facilitates that need.

    A thought of uniform cultures or at least, the lowest common denominator is obviously akin to the ideals of Marxist Communism, which has worked billions of times on this planet, in the form of families, but I won’t go on about that, since it’s meant to be a large-scale system and as such systems tend to be vulnerable to corruption, they tend to fail as has been seen in every instance recently.

    The social aspects of marxism have merit, though of course conservative values in terms of culture and society have maintained a strong balance throughout history, and gender roles playing parts in supporting society were managed by the culture reinforcing (not literally forcing) people’s ideas of what they should do, not what they have to do. So obviously there is the key to what comes up as a problem in terms of the “regressive leftists”.

    However, nihilism doesn’t fit into the scope of modern “progressivist left” ideals since they seek always to go further and further and delve deeper into the different issues that arise in their path. They discount the benefits of fascist authoritarianism, though there are clearly downsides. In their view the downsides outweigh any possible upsides and their less than intuitive approaches to progressivism tend to fall flat since better methods of controlling the people inevitably bring out the “leftist” nature of making the government be the people with hammers ready to break knuckles if anyone mentions CIS gender roles.

    Nihilism or at least the matter of lacking a purpose in line with your own (i’m assuming) is mislabeled as also the term atheist is. Since a Muslim would consider Hindu gods false, they are atheist in that regard. So too are nihilists who instead of having no clear purpose to take guidance from, have another (albeit misguided) task in their eyes.

    A nihilist progressive approach would entail a communist like regime, though once again, if you take the good and ignore the bad, you can find the benefits to outweigh your own system’s downsides and work to improve on them rather than ignore them due to stigma.

    Thanks. Hit me up with a response.


  7. KWallace says:

    A nihilist progressive approach would entail a communist like ***theme***, though once again, if you take the good and ignore the bad, you can find the benefits to outweigh your own system’s downsides and work to improve on them rather than ignore them due to stigma.



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