The Slippery Slope

The slippery slope is often described as a logical fallacy. The slippery slope argues that if we allow event A to occur then we will likely see a chain of related events (X,Y,Z) which become progressively worse over time until we reach some sort of bottom state. Progressives love to call out the right for executing this logical device in debate as a means of dismissing the argument being made against them. It begs to ask the question, “is it really a logical fallacy if indeed things do become progressively more decadent over time?” Grab your sleds ladies and gents and let’s go for a ride down the slippery slope.

Currently, the big debate is over the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. A few states have legalized homosexual civil unions and in some cases actual marriages. However, in most of the United States, gay marriage and civil unions are still currently illegal for the time being. This is the gate holding the floods back and it will be opened shortly. To be against gay marriage is to be a bigot (obviously). You are just simply inserting your religious agenda (isn’t marriage a religious institution?). Besides, if you really cared about the sanctity of marriage, then you stupid red state bigots should stop getting divorced at such high rates! Gay people are just normal people like you and I and they deserve equal rights!

this is "normal"

this is “normal”

Since the modern world has already effectively destroyed the institution of marriage (thanks feminism!) and conservatives today are hardly models for traditional living, the gays will win the battle and gay marriage will be legalized within the next decade I am predicting. Of course, it is sooo silly to say that if we allow gays to marry then people will be marrying their dogs! This is where the quest for equality ends… or does it?

Once World War G has been won, the next great cultural war will be World War T. The trannies are next in line for their fair share of Liberté et Égalité. From the great battle for which restroom to use to allowing children as young as 11 to undergo sexual reassignment. If you are against this, well you might as well be advocating the next Holocaust! Completely ignore the possibility that forcing allowing children to undergo such a medical procedure may not be in the child’s best interest. Also, ignore the possibility that transgenderism may be due to autogynephilia (I love how RationalWiki puts mental illness in quotation marks… stay “rational” RW). Well, thank God that Facebook has embraced the progress. After the great tranny war is won and the bodies of bigots lay slain across the battlefield, what will be the next great cultural war?

Well since we already mentioned bestiality… meet Mr. Hands! Kenneth Pinyan was like any normal guy except he had a deep and dark secret. He loved the ponies… and not in the betting on horses kind of way either. Well after a rough night at the O.K. Corral, Mr. Pinyan died from internal bleeding from a perforated colon (ouch). Had Mr. Pinyan not been shamed by society to seek love in the dark underbelly of society, he may be alive today. Now the story of the love between a man and his horse is forever enshrined in Hollywood filmWhy do evil bigots shame these people with your morals! If I consent to being sodomized by a stallion it is within my rights! This is America! This is about freedom! Fuck hate!

Well bestiality may be a tough sell… so how about some love of thyself? Narcissism is already rampant throughout the west and social media has only exacerbated the issue. Why not allowed people to marry themselves? It is certainly better than getting Eiffel Towered at the Kentucky Derby. Meet Grace. Grace loves herself so much that she decided to marry herself which is a nice way of saying that no man on Earth would marry this crazy bitch. Remember the good ole fashioned Baby Boomer advice that was bestowed on the younger generations: “just be yourself and someone will love you for who you are!” Poor Grace took the advice of her mommy and sadly, no one loves a post-wall, solipsistic, narcissistic, lunatic…

Perhaps instead of marrying herself, she could have had a relationship with her mommy! Meet The Sexxtons. They are a mother-daughter porn duo! I am honestly surprised that the folks at HuffPo were appalled by this (what a bigot, amirite?). I thought they were progressive! Check back in about 10 years at HuffPo or Salon and read the following headline: Mommy Dearest Knows Best: 7 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your Mother.

Alas, why must love wait? Don’t you guys worry! The ACLU is on the job! The fight for pedophilia could be the next great civil rights movement of our time! Who are you to deny the love that exists between a man and a prepubescent boy? You are probably one of those evil Bible thumping teabagger republiKKKans! I can see it now… The year is 2080 and the NAMbLA Caucus is pushing a vote to abolish all statutory rape laws in the United States fueled by the powerful slogan: “Pederasty is Love Too!” God bless democracy! Long live Weimerica!

Lord only knows how deep the rabbit hole goes… and then I found the Social Justice Warriors on Tumblr. It goes deep people. Have you heard of headmates? Abolish the mental institutions and let the schizophrenics run wild! How about ableism? If you just simply feel you are disabled, then you are! It’s not just for those who are actually physically/mentally disabled. Pretty soon shopping mall parking lots will all be handicap parking spaces. How about otherkin? Furries? It will be President Tundra IceFang, our first Furry president, who signs the NAMbLA Caucus bill that abolishes the statutory rape laws in 2080…



So what does ‘The Last Progressive’ look like? Does the madness ever end? or is this an endless continual decline into decadence? Is the slippery slope really a fallacy?


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5 Responses to The Slippery Slope

  1. We get a lot of exposure to the SJW sewer by being frothing right-wing extremists who support Tradition. I think they’re a long way off what the average Joe who watches the 6 o’clock news would consider normal. PC dogma silences most from expressing their distaste (or confusion) at the circus freaks living in costume.
    But since the institutions are supportive of the liberal narrative it may only be a matter of time. Maybe it can’t and shouldn’t be stopped, but allowed to run its course. The pendulum will then want to swing back.


  2. Murray says:

    If the “slippery slope” argument in question relies on a consistent application of principles from one situation to a related one, then no, it’s not a fallacy.

    This is why it’s so easy to tie gay marriage proponents up in knots by adding them why the principles of “marriage equality” shouldn’t apply to incest, or multiple partnerships, or non-sexual unions like the Kiwi best mates who recently decided to “marry” in order to enter a competition. If marriage is merely a means of self-fulfilment based on subjective feelings of affection, then who are you, bigot, to restrict it to only TWO unrelated people who perform (or simulate) sexual acts with each other?

    Whenever I try to think of actual fallacious slippery-slope examples, I usually come up with one of Greg Gutfeld’s common schticks on Red Eye, where he shows some dumb YouTube video, then says in mock outrage “What did I tell you? First gay marriage, then dogs riding skateboards!” But most slippery slope arguments I encounter are not of this type.


  3. PolarWashington says:

    Eventually, the clock will reset. When, and how violently, no one knows.

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  4. esoterictrad says:

    Good stuff (as usual).

    It’s important to remember the other side of the slippery slope is the zip tie. The zip tie is a group that has been created by the slippery slope and thanks to it will fight ever harder to maintain the new status quo. More than likely they will continue to push for the slippery slope to continue.

    I think a lot of the PUA types can be seen as zip-ties alongside feminists. They’re products of that slope and for all their rhetoric escaping that reality is difficult for them to even imagine, so they take the road of hedonism (to differing degrees).

    For anyone interested in reactionary or Trad thinking rejection of both the slope and the zip tie seems obvious but the more entrenched the zip tie becomes (look at the degeneracy of homosexuals today compared to 40 years ago) the harder it is to escape because their existence shapes the new norms.

    I realise zip tie is slightly stupid sounding so a better term is out there.

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  5. radamanthes says:

    Everything you said is correct, but pushing the envelope is only half the equation. The rest is about power and control. They want to control what kinds of speech, actions, and even thought are allowable. I often here the left say “you have freedom of speech, but there’s also such a thing as responsible speech.” Obviously that is true, but they don’t really want you to take responsibility for your speech or actions, they want the state to step in before you get to the point of fully expressing yourself. When it comes to the left, you are free to say and do anything as long as it is in keeping with their agenda and plans for society. They don’t believe in things like negative liberty and natural rights.

    What disturbs me most out of all of this are the consequences to the children. Children being forced into homosexuality, or other adult relationships before they are ready, is not healthy, period. Also the idea of children being forced into surgery or into taking hormonal suppressants. How is that not abuse? Then there’s the loss of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and being roped into subsidizing behaviors that we find harmful and morally repugnant.


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