The Most Important Issue of Our Time: Race

As I am sure many of you are aware, this past weekend Richard Spencer of Radix Journal and the National Policy Institute was detained by police in Budapest, Hungary over the week of October 3rd (VDARE) (Occidental Dissent). His Identitarian/White Nationalist conference was shut down for being ‘racist.’ While at a local pub with some conference attendees, Hungarian police raided the pub and detained Spencer. Us white folks just can’t have nice things.

This brings me to my next point: race is the most important issue of our time. When looking at the neoreactionary trichotomy of techno-commercialists, theonomists, and ethno-nationalists, it is clear that ethno-nationalism is the most politically incorrect of the three camps. Belonging to the techno-commercialist wing is perfectly acceptable. Often on the stock ticker channels you will find anarcho-capitalists and Austrian school members on CNBC or FBN discussing economic or monetary policy, like Peter Schiff. If I were to tell friends that I am a traditionalist or a monarchist, it would often be greeted with chuckles for advocating for such an archaic ideology which has not been in practice in hundreds of years. No one is getting exiled from society for saying they are a monarchist or traditionalist. No one is getting detained by police for advocating anarcho-capitalism. However, if I were to say that I was nationalist, especially a white nationalist, well I would undoubtedly be slandered as a racist. I could lose my job and be made to be unemployable. Or in the case of Richard Spencer, I could be arrested for it. It is the issue that progressives care the most about and is one that we cannot avoid addressing either. Let us take a stroll down memory lane for a moment.

Everyone recalls this post that cost John Derbyshire his job at National Review.

We all remember the fuss that the Trayvon Martin incident created. Even in a case of self-defense, it almost drove people to the streets to riot. Apparently, self-defense is racist.

How could we forget the death of the late Nelson Mandela, the anti-racist hero. To quote the article, “It has been long assumed that Mandela, in prison, would have strongly condemned necklacing.” Well that’s nice of him… sorta… not really. Well at least it was nice of the author to make that assumption.

And of course, Donald Sterling told his girlfriend not to hang around black people and it’s going to cost him billions as he is being forced to sell his team the LA Clippers. Elsewhere in the NBA, we have Danny Ferry, GM of the Atlanta Hawks, on the hotseat for naughty racist comments as well. His future is uncertain.

We even have seen the state intervening on the issue of racism as the Washington Redskins have lost their trademark patent.

In recent events, we are all familiar with the shooting of Mike Brown and the race riots in Ferguson that followed.

When you talk to a progressive and you tell them you do not like President Obama, their retort is that you don’t like him because he’s black.

Are you opposed to illegal immigration? Racist.

Are you opposed to Ebola entering your country? Racist.

When they find out you are a neoreactionary, they immediately denounce you as a racist who believes in “pseudo-science” (HBD), even though members of their precious Cathedral admit it to be true. They completely ignore every argument you make against democracy, socialism, etc. Heck, we even have a black guy who dedicates a lot of his time to having one of the best HBD blogs there is. Unironically, they have no comment on that.

As far as the progressive is concerned, the only work Thomas Carlyle has ever written is Occasional Discourse.

Even though nearly two-thirds of neoreactionaries do not identify themselves as belonging to the ethno-nationalist wing of the trichotomy, you cannot avoid talking about this issue. Regardless of how you brand yourself, the issue of race will get thrown in your face. It cannot be avoided. That is the default argument that the progressive will use against you. As a reactionary, you must realize that the antithesis of progress is reaction. Progressives control the political narrative and will continue to do so for some time. Since that is the case, it is important to realize that the most important issue of all issues that progressives care about is race. I know some neoreactionaries cannot stand the ethno-nationalist wing of the neoreactionaries. Well, too bad. They’re on your side. This will be the part of reaction that receives the most amount of attention from the progressives. Things will only be getting worse as we become more multicultural in the West and the left has to ramp up the political correctness to keep the mobs in line. Who knows, the mere act of being white may eventually be criminalized. Hopefully democracy collapses before that is the case.


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11 Responses to The Most Important Issue of Our Time: Race

  1. There is so much mental gymnastics performed by progtards on race it’s a joy to behold. They start with the conclusion (hbd from the neck down only), and work their way backwards.
    To notice or ask questions is to invite slurs and ad hominems. It shows that one doesn’t care to signal affiliation with their masters, which whips them into a frenzy of moral indignation, they must stamp out the heresy in case it spreads.

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    • The irony is that they are usually the first to whip out ethnic/racial slurs in argument. They’re so tolerant.

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      • It’s one of the weapons in their arsenal.
        “If you really think racism is a serious matter, you want the word to mean something definite and you want to make sure that innocent people are safe from false charges of it. Otherwise, the word merely becomes a weapon that can be picked up and wielded by opportunists and tyrants to create a climate of intimidation.” Joe Sobran

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  2. Wrath says:

    No matter how you cut it: it will be the ethno-nationalist neoreactionaries taking the brunt of the assault from progressives in the battles to come. The Theonomist flank will not attract attention as it looks too much like conservatives (i.e. the Second Left) and anarcho-capitalists can always hide behind profit motive.

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  4. JayMan says:

    Heck, we even have a black guy who dedicates a lot of his time to having one of the best HBD blogs there is. Unironically, they have no comment on that.

    Thank you. 🙂 But, not no comment:

    JayMan is a US-based racist, sexist, homophobe and self-hating person of color who runs a pseudo-scientific blog devoted to promoting the long-exploded notion of biological “race”, alongside of other aspects of so-called Human Bio-Diversity (HBD). Despite hailing from the rainbow island of Jamaica and claiming to be of multiply-stranded Black / Chinese / “white” heritage,[1] JayMan has chosen to deploy his not-inconsiderable technical and rhetorical skill-set on behalf not of equality, justice and other progressive causes, but of the very worst hate-memes generated by the sleepless bigot-factories of white western prejudice.

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  5. radamanthes says:

    Glad to see you’re active somewhere. I’ll be following you now.

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  6. radamanthes says:

    I like what RamzPaul says, let’s just take all the evil white people and put them in a separate country, or put them in one area of the country and cut it off. That way all the poor innocent sodomites– I mean, “progressives” and their 3rd world allies won’t have to live with our meanness and racism anymore.

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