Why Immigration Matters: A Response to the Open-Borders Crowd

People in all nations have the right to self-determination. Flooding their countries undermines their own sovereignty. Nations without borders are not nations at all.

All you are doing is inviting the destruction of the civilized world. First worlders are certainly not going to immigrate to third world countries. It will be only third worlders that immigrate to first world countries.

The more you flood first world countries with third world peoples, the more third world that first world country becomes.

We are not all the same. The people you bring into your countries should matter.

If we were to import 100,000 Somalis into a small town, like Zanesville, what do you think what happen to that town? Would it begin to look like Paris, London, New York, or Tokyo because we gave these people a chance? NO. It would look like Mogadishu.

Another example: the Haiti vs. Japanese earthquakes. Both got hit by massive earthquakes. On top of that Japan got hit by a tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown. Haiti received 3x the amount of foreign aid that Japan did in order to rebuild. Let’s take a look at the before and after:

Japan before and after:
[Image: Japan.jpg]

Haiti before and after:
[Image: Haiti.jpg]

So why such a massive discrepancy in rebuilding despite receiving 3x the amount of aid? The answer: its the people in those countries. Japan has something Haiti does not: The Japanese people.

If we could magically with the snap of our fingers switch the places of all the Japanese people and the Haitian people (so all the Japanese end up in Haiti and all the Haitians end up in Japan), those two countries would look vastly different in just a couple years.

People matter. Nations matter. Borders matter.

If you want to learn more about Human BioDiversity (HBD), then I highly suggest reading the blogs below. They are a wealth of knowledge of the subject matter.

Suggest HBD Blogs:

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5 Responses to Why Immigration Matters: A Response to the Open-Borders Crowd

  1. B-b-but that’s racist! Everyone knows those people are poor because they didn’t get the education!

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  2. Dash Riprock says:

    Legacy of colonialism, neo-colonialism, slavery, oppression, lack of investment, exploitation, bad institutions, teh Racism!!1!


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  4. radamanthes says:

    I think the average leftist politician or dictator understands this and wants this (worth noting that the politicians/rulers in the 3rd world live very well), but the average libtard/voter/useful idiot really is brainwashed into thinking that when 3rd worlders step into our countries they magically change. Either that or they want the evil white cis-gendered patriarchal male oppressor to suffer, and it doesn’t cross their mind that they are also going to suffer along with us. The 3rd world countries aren’t known for having a lot of tolerance towards LGBT.

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