Rothbardianism Hijacked

Murray Rothbard is easily considered one of, if not, the most influential thinker when it comes to libertarianism (Rothbardianism). You could consider him the founding father of anarcho-capitalism and the modern libertarian movement in the United States. During my Ron Paul days I read Rothbard. In fact, I would say that What Has Government Done to Our Money? is still one of my favorite economic books. However, libertarianism today is experiencing a major change in their values system it seems. Rothbard’s brand of classical liberalism when followed to it’s logical conclusion has left the door open for the wackiest of leftists.

Rothbard himself was a social conservative, as pointed out by Hoppe in Democracy The God That Failed (p 202):

rothbard social conservative

In fact, when the Libertarian Party was first founded in 1971, it was made up primarily of socially conservative, non-interventionist, anti-statists. They were concerned over military intervention in Vietnam and the loss of the gold standard. Talking to most neoreactionaries, I would say that they too generally agree with a humble non-interventionist foreign policy and sound monetary policy. These views are the foundation for a sound society. These views are not the problem of Rothbardianism.

In fact, every /pol/ goer and neoreactionary’s favorite statesman, Ron Paul, held these views and brought them to the political forefront when he ran for president in 2008 and again in 2012. Ron Paul was a socially conservative guy.  He was very pro-life. No one mistakes Ron Paul for a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) or a degenerate. I, like many neoreactionaries, have been brought to this part of the right wing because of Ron Paul. I find that in this Post-Ron Paul world that his supporters went one of two directions.  They went right like me seeking a saner society that values law & order or they went left…

I am sure that you are all familiar with the good ole Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). NAP is the gateway drug for libertinism. NAP has become the bane of the existence of many reactionaries. While it is generally a great code of conduct to have for a society to not rape, murder, and steal, NAP has generally been used to justify being a complete douche bag. Heck, to quote Rothbard himself: “the parent should not have a legal obligation to feed, clothe, or educate his children, since such obligations would entail positive acts coerced upon the parent and depriving the parent of his rights.” Bad Rothbard! That pesky NAP as pointed out by Hoppe’s Democracy The God That Failed (p 206):

NAP to its logical conclusion

Oh NAP you ruin it for everyone. Instead of talking about monetary or foreign policy, you can find some libertarians discussing the virtues legalizing pedophilia or child pornography. Energy well spent if you ask me. So when your largest concerns are advocating drug use or sexual deviancy, you attract a certain type of people.

Naturally, in accordance with Conquest’s Second Law, leftists infiltrated the Libertarian Party as noted by Hoppe’s Democracy The God That Failed (p 204):

libertarianism inflitrated

You don’t say Hoppe? You don’t say…

Let us meet the new Rothbardians.

Meet Starchild. Starchild is a male prostitute and prominent member of the Libertarian Party.

and they wonder why they dont get more than 1% of the vote...

and they wonder why they dont get more than 1% of the vote…

Or everyone’s new favorite Social Justice Warrior and libertarian commentator: Cathy Reisenwitz

reisenwitz polyamory

Patrick Henry would be proud.

Even a pinko Commie like Bill Maher has the stones to call himself a libertarian. Are you sure you libertarians aren’t actually just libertines?

This type of behavior is not something new to the libertarian movement however. In 1989, Rothbard left the Libertarian Party because it had been hijacked by sodomites and began ascribing himself the label paleo-libertarian.

Today, libertarian institutions, like Reason, seem to concentrate a great deal of energy promoting the virtues of the Mexican invasion, drug use, or promoting Cultural Marxism, such as “queer theory.”

So modern day libertarians strive for egalitarianism which is ironic considering Rothbard’s strongly critical views on egalitarianism. Quoting Rothbard’s Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays (p 17), “At the heart of the egalitarian left is the pathological belief that there is no structure of reality; that all the world is a tabula rasa that can be changed at any moment in any desired direction by the mere exercise of human will.” A question to the libertarians, when has the free market ever produced equal outcomes? How can you believe in both liberty and equality when these are mutually exclusive ideas? How can anarcho-capitalism be congruent with egalitarianism in anyway? Alas, my questions fall on deaf ears…

The one positive out of the leftward shift in libertarianism is that as it becomes more and more repulsive, perhaps more libertarians make the neoreactionary leap towards post-libertarianism to further swell the ranks of neoreaction. I leave a parting message to the Rothbardians:

Goodbye libertarianism.

Goodbye libertarianism.

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11 Responses to Rothbardianism Hijacked

  1. I agree, the post-Paul scene has lurched leftward, and sent socially conservative libertarians like us into NRx, Tradition and Ethnonationalism.
    We should focus more energy into bringing libertarians to our side, perhaps through their hangouts, website, conventions etc.


  2. Wrath says:

    Ron Paul, the gateway drug. I don’t know about the US, but in Europe the Libertarians have ALWAYS (well, at least since the 1980s) been absolutely synonymous with Libertines. In fact, drugs, sex and hedonism was the major recruiting path for Libertarians. I remember being enraged reading their publications back in the day which was basically drug and sex propaganda. The result was that we are starting to see a parliamentary politicians across Europe that are far more experienced in the use of and liberal towards drugs and prostitution. Just another example of the disconnect between traditional values and the libertine elite.

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  4. Yazata says:

    Rothbard himself was a social conservative? NAP might only in the long run have led to some libertarians discussing the virtues legalizing pedophilia or child pornography. But it led to Rothbard himself saying worse. And his views on starving children were far worse, to any sane mind, than the sodomites he left the Libertarian Party over.

    Besides all that, there is something ‘off’ about Hoppe’s identification of social conservatism with borgeois (Third Estate) values.


  5. radamanthes says:

    I have come across leftists who self identified as Libertarian, and I have heard of people self identifying as left-libertarians. I’ve always seen libertarianism as the next door neighbor of anarchy, and the relationship between libertarianism and leftism ought to have been mutually exclusive. But, just like how they invaded liberalism and made it synonymous with radical leftism, they now appear to be making inroads with libertarianism. Originally Libertarianism and classical liberalism would have been the same thing. I came across some guy on youtube who claimed that the US was at fault for the morbid conditions in Central America, and that consequentially we had no right to keep them out of our country. He said that open borders was a logical outcome of having a free market system. The last thing that real anarchists and libertarians want is a world system. What they want is to break things down into smaller independent units. There is no room for multiculturalism or world systems on the right. I used to be an anarchist but now I lean more towards neoreactionaryism. I would not like to reinstate anything like feudalism, but I would like to have a system similar to what existed in the Kiev Rus, or like what you find in CS Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” where they have kings but still have a rule of law system, and they state clearly that in any battles the king has to lead the charge and cover the retreat.

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    • The monarchs of old were fairly non-interventionist in their economies. They had low taxes and less regulations.

      Libertarianism cant work in a multicultural society. It is an extremely Euro-centric worldview to believe that third worlders from Central America, Africa and the Middle East are going to embrace European Enlightenment philosophy.

      Read Democracy The God That Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. That is essentially the blue print for neoreaction.

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      • radamanthes says:

        Well that’s part of the scam of multiculturalism, they want to force lots of incompatible peoples together so that a strong police state is required to force everyone to play nice. The bulk of white people and Asians will behave responsibly and peacefully, but the majority of third worlders do not know how to act civilized and have little to no respect for natural rights. They have to be brought in line with force or kept out. Although when it comes to the Middle East I would make an exception for Christian minorities. Middle Eastern Christians have always been more clever and intellectual than their Pisslamic neighbors, and I have found that intellectually and morally they are the equals of western white man. The problem is that there aren’t enough of them to change the Middle East.

        OK I added that book to my wish list on Amazon. I’ll probably get it on my next paycheck.


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