Recently, Ezekiel Emanuel, Director of the Clinical Bioethics Dept at the NIH, wrote an article in The Atlantic titled Why I Hope to Die at 75. Reassuring words from one of the chief architects behind our healthcare system.

In this article, he makes the case for why older people should just let go of the idea of trying to prolong their lives once they have reached a certain age because it simply is not worth living anymore. Ezekiel is happy to keel over and die at 75 and so should you! Health care is expensive, and besides, it will most likely just be painful and miserable in your last years anyways.

Your best years are behind you. Your societal contribution peaked many years ago.

societal contribution too low = time for you to go

societal contribution too low = time for you to go

Remember, in the great progressive machine, you are but a cog. Once you become too old or you are simply not efficient enough, we discard of you, we replace you. This is the misanthropic worldview of the progressive ideology.

Nothing says people person like advocating that people kill themselves. Since he can’t make the case for euthanasia against the will of the patient (not yet at least) then he will at least try to upsell you on the virtues of offing yourself once you reach the age of 75.

too bad euthanasia can't be mandatory...

too bad euthanasia can’t be mandatory… right Mr. Emanuel?

And I agree with Mr. Emanuel! In fact, I have a modest proposal to Mr. Emanuel and the fine folks over at the NIH. Why only use age as a measurement of societal contribution? There are so many other ways we can determine if an individual is contributing his/her fair share to society.

For example, 43% of Americans pay no federal income tax. How can we say that these individuals are contributing enough to society? They are a net loss for society. Besides, they’re not paying their fair share. I say off to the FEMA camps!

What of the physically or mentally disabled? These people surely are burdens to our society and Lord knows they are a burden to our healthcare system. Perhaps we can coerce convince them to end their lives prematurely… for America.

It should also be a no-brainer that we should liquidate our prison population as well.  These men are nothing but a burden to the rest of us.

Single mothers utilize a lot of our society’s resources, we should probably do away with them as well.  Homosexuals and IV drug users are at greater risk for transmitting HIV, and thus a greater risk of lowering overall societal contribution by forcing us to expend resources on treating their illness. The homeless are just unsightly and make our communities unpleasant.  They are not contributing anything to society. They should go as well.

How about the overweight and morbidly obese? These people are also a burden to our society as we must pay higher health costs and they increase the demand for food, thus driving up the prices… and besides they take up more than one seat on an airplane.

While we are at it, those pesky white people wont stop being racist and racism is the gravest of sins that one can commit in the United States so they too must meet their maker.

But why stop here? We can use another tool for measurement to determine is societal contribution is adequate enough: IQ. The science is in! We all know that the low IQ folks on the left hand of the bell curve are more likely to live in poverty, commit crimes, and generally be a burden to society. Let us genetically cleanse improve our overall societal contribution! Once the genocide societal improvement is complete, we will have a lovely society that everyone will enjoy… if there is anyone left.

Perhaps Ezekiel Emanuel was inspired by everyone’s favorite Romanian monarch, Vlad the Impaler! Vlad, aka Dracula, had lots of ingenious plans for improving societal contribution. Let us look at #9.

Dracula was very concerned that all his subjects work and contribute to the common welfare. He once noticed that the poor, vagrants, beggars and cripples had become very numerous in his land. Consequently, he issued an invitation to all the poor and sick in Wallachia to come to Tirgoviste for a great feast, claiming that no one should go hungry in his land. As the poor and crippled arrived in the city they were ushered into a great hall where a fabulous feast was prepared fore them. The prince’s guests ate and drank late into the night, when Dracula himself made an appearance. “What else do you desire? Do you want to be without cares, lacking nothing in this world?”, asked the prince. When they responded positively Dracula ordered the hall boarded up and set on fire. None escaped the flames. Dracula explained his action to the boyars by claiming that he did this, “in order that they represent no further burden to other men so that no one will be poor in my realm.”

hi i'm vlad. i'm here to fix your healthcare system.

Hi! I’m Vlad and I’m here to fix your healthcare system.


H/T to nydwracu and the Anti-Democracy Activist for inspiring this post

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4 Responses to Draculism

  1. esoterictrad says:

    Most unhealthy people who go past 75 would be better off exiting rather than clinging on in vain. Especially when we consider 2/3rds of Americans are overweight – 1/3rd are obese.

    The attempt to save everyone and bring everyone along is one reason white people find themselves in this mess today. It is the clash of individualism mixed with welfare statism.

    The NRx project is to rid society of the undesirables you mention, though of course not through summary execution.

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    • I’ll agree with you that we should rid society of these poor behaviors by building a healthier society, both psychologically & physically. You are right that a lot of these behaviors arise from a modern/post-modern mindset.

      I was just being a little hyperbolic because progressives often claim they are here to help people but their policies seem to do the opposite.


  2. This post reminds me of this watch that counts down time until death: http://mytikker.com .


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