The Manosphere Preserves Masculinity

Recently, an article was penned by Fredrik deBoer titled “destroy traditional masculinity.” In this piece, deBoer speaks of his reaction to the Elliot Rodger Retribution video he posted before committing his mass murder. Whether we like it or not, the Elliot Rodger incident will be one of those defining moments for gender relations much in the same way that the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman incident was for race relations.

It will be talked about in various feminist and masculinist circles for quite some time; not because of the truth that lies beneath the story, but because of the mainstream media produced propaganda story itself. Was Rodger a member of the manosphere? No but the media has made him out to be some angry sex-deprived Men’s Rights Activist.

Mr. deBoer writes that Rodger was “putting on” some faux masculine persona that he caricatures as “aggression, dominance, and power.” The type of masculinity that is often portrayed in television shows like Sons of Anarchy. To paraphrase from Jack Donovan’s book The Way of Men, these types of men may not be good men, but they are often good at being men. Masculinity comes in a range of forms: from the gangster to the superhero.

Sinister evil is not a characteristic of masculinity, but of broken mentally ill people who lack a moral compass. The actions of bad men should not be used as fodder to attack good men. Mr. deBoer calls for the destruction of traditional masculinity because it is some Utopian ideal which can never be achieved. You’ll never be alpha enough, so just give up. There are lots of ideals which may be impossible to truly achieve but that does not mean we should be abandoning them altogether.

In typical progressive fashion, he calls to destroy old traditions and to replace them new ones. This is the mantra of progressives: out with the old and in with the new. Will these new “traditions” be healthy? It doesn’t matter, things must change says the leftist. Examining the cultural Zeitgeist, I can tell you that new progressive “traditions” will not be good for men.

Rodger did not commit his crime because he was being overly masculine. Most likely the opposite is true. Masculinity is often demonized in left-wing circles. The culture today is inherently anti-male. Boys can no longer be boys. Nowadays, our institutions are more willing to invest in women than they are in men.

In entertainment, men are often portrayed as buffoons. Men today are really lacking positive role models to look up to. As Jim commented about falling testosterone levels, ” I am inclined to believe it is metaphorical estrogen in the metaphorical water supply.” I agree, society is feminizing males and it is not a good thing. Many men are lost.

elliot rodger feminist

This is where the manosphere comes in. It is certainly a reactionary movement towards feminism and the culture. The manosphere has helped hundreds of thousands of men, maybe even millions, get in touch with their masculinity. I look at the men of the manosphere and I look at men on the left, and it becomes abundantly clear whose lives are happily fulfilled.

So I pen this post in defense of traditional masculinity and the manosphere. Tearing down old traditions to form new ones is not the answer. Embracing traditional masculinity is not misogyny or sexism. Perhaps if Elliot Rodger had embraced the manosphere instead of despising it, he would have had success with women. Perhaps none of those innocent lives would have been lost. Perhaps we should look to traditional masculinity to solve the problems of men today instead of trying to destroy it.


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2 Responses to The Manosphere Preserves Masculinity

  1. DeBoer’s article is laughably facile, yet worth addressing since it is the primary narrative of the feminist-mainstream left. Straw man ‘traditional masculinity’ = evil, therefore all men should be more like women. None of them appear able to engage with the Manosphere what kind of model of masculinity is ideal. Obama I suppose.

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  2. Mavellian says:

    Definitely agree


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