Red Pill Alienation

So I have recently been waking up in the early hours of the morning and taking an hour long walk where I listen to podcasts.  During these walks I often ponder about the world around me as I walk into town, all by my lonesome, before the sunrises and the city wakes up.  I have been thinking a lot about the decline of Western Civilization from a ‘red pill’ perspective. Often these thoughts are politically incorrect and are so far away from acceptable political discourse that even my best friends look at me strangely when I share my thoughts. When you look at the world around you in such a manner, you find that you have little in common with it. Sure, you can find people on the internet to talk about these things at places like Roosh V Forum or #NRx on Twitter but these are just interactions with words on a screen… they lack the warmth of true, in-person, human interaction.

Once you have swallowed the red pill, there is no going back. This is the beginning of your alienation from the world around you. You have unplugged. You are there but you are not there.

What brought you here was noticing a glitch. Something about the narrative just didn’t fit. You’ve been told a lot of things: “democracy is the best form of government,” “diversity is our strength,” or “men and women are the same, they just have different plumbing.” What you have been told and what you have observed have been different. The cracks are beginning to show.

In the age of modernity, man’s purposes in life are becoming more and more non-existent. Man would serve his family, God, and his nation. Not so much any more.

It is certainly difficult to serve your family when less and less people are willing to enter into the anti-male bondage that is marriage in the West. Maybe there still are some girls out there looking for man but they are probably too busy on their dumb smart phones.

every bar in America

every bar in America

A girl is more interested in an app on her phone than she is with real human interaction. The modern American woman does not want to settle down early either. She is busy riding the carousel in her 20s and part of her 30s. By the age of 35, her beauty has aged and she is used up but she is eager to finally settle down! Sadly, all she has to offer is the likeliness of divorce rape and infidelity.

And what of God? What of him? We live in the age of Churchianity. The most popular churches nowadays are non-denominational bastions of political correctness where you can find new age hipsters strumming a guitar and homosexual preachers. We also cannot leave out the rise in prominence of the term, “Judeo-Christian” values which is frequently trumpeted by the Evangelicals as a reason for why we must fight for with Israel.

Jews hate Evangelicals more than they hate Muslims... but Evangelicals love Jews so much

Jews hate Evangelicals more than they hate Muslims… but Evangelicals love Jews so much…strange, huh?

Of course, I can’t forget to leave out my own religious creed, Catholicism.  Here we have the Pope advocating for the Mexican invasion of the US. I won’t either bother with the Atheistkult because they are too busy worshiping the Unholy Trinity of Hitchens, Dawkins, and Harris (but they’re not at all religious!). So this is the state of religion in 2014. It has become one giant joke. It’s no wonder why so many neoreactionaries have been flirting with paganism.

And what of your nation? With multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness in full effect in the West, it is becoming much harder to give a damn about your nation.”But I love America” you say… Well then, serve your nation! Fight for the United States! For Freedom! Meet the troops:

Oh my… I’m sure every red-blooded American man is eager to sign up for the buggery brigade. The military has become a joke as well. Besides, who are we really fighting for: the USA? or for Israel?

And regardless of what Social Justice Warriors have to say, the slaves did not build the United States. Men of European ancestry built it.  Well white man, in case you haven’t heard the news, you are public enemy numbero uno. With the falling numbers of whites, the rising numbers of non-whites, and the rising anti-white sentiment among non-whites (and SWPLs), the US is quickly becoming not your country anymore. You can thank the Baby Boomers for embracing the seeds of Cultural Marxism planted back in the 60s. As minority leaders call for cannibalism of white off-spring, just remember that “diversity is our strength.” In no way whatsoever does it lead to an increase in ethnic conflict and a decrease in social capital. So let’s embrace our friends from south of the border!

So, Man of the West, what is your purpose? You have no family, no wife, God has become a joke and your nation has turned its back on you? Welcome to alienation. The world can be your playground. You can be like Roosh and fly all over the world laying women in different countries. As exciting as that sounds, even Roosh, the great seduction guru himself, is experiencing a little burnout.

So what is our purpose? I’m not really sure to be honest. For now, I will continue to walk these lands, these lands I have always known, as a stranger, pondering that very question. I heard there was this new organization in town. I think I am going to check it out. It’s strange though. The first two rules are that I’m not allowed to talk about it…

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16 Responses to Red Pill Alienation

  1. rogerrrrrr says:

    I feel exactly the same way. Much as I would like to, there is just nothing I can believe in. Travel and get laid. Then build a small castle, stock it with books and whisky, and contemplate history, astronomy, and the works of great men, until the lights go out.

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  2. What are the incentives now, compared to a generation ago, for young men to carry out the socially approved commitments and sacrifices that build and sustain a prosperous society? That is the question this article, and the Manosphere in general asks, that is ignored by the mainstream.


  3. I like the idea of seeking out others to create groups of like minded men. If The Way of Men is the way of the gang, the gang needs to have a structure, purpose and mission. If a model could be developed that could facilitate making money then a full-time commitment could be possible, leaving behind Red Pill Alienation.

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  4. Reality has become so dire that no one wants to even take a peek. I agree the red pill is a lonely cure. How I see the world and what I can share with others has diverged at a staggering rate in the past few years.


  5. I have the advantage with my friends that I have always had strange thoughts, so I get away with things that would be unacceptable from others; the mad scientist persona helps. I’m also blessed to live in a ‘backward’ part of my country where there is still a rich vein of viable Christianity and cultural values, though even here those are under attack.

    I feel the brevity of life more these days, and the fragility of it all.

    Still, the challenge lies ahead; how to leave behind a world in which heritage is laid down rather than dug up and used as fuel for the fire? The only place one can find the paradigm required is inside ourselves. But how even to bring about the changes needed in me, let alone in others.

    The cry of my heart these days: give me a leader of honour and vision to serve, gladly, all my days.


  6. Thordeus Plikt says:

    We are many but spread out wide across the world (Sweden in my case). There are indeed possibilities to meet. We should get together in real life. First of all those who live relatively close to each other. The internet is great but it’s no substitute.

    I too agree that these discoveries easily leads to some kind of unwanted nihilism, but perhaps unwanted is the operative word there. It can after all be viewed in quite another way.

    In the way that we’ve been given the ultimate mission. To restore something of beauty and sanity in essentially a crashed and completely degenerated civilization.

    To be the underdogs. To shock them with what we’ll do for our cause. To create a new counter-culture with all the means at our disposal.

    The Anti-Democracy Activist wrote a great entry about this:


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  8. I don’t feel alienated at all. In fact, thanks to bloggers like you, I feel as included as I ever have. It sounds preposterous to say that it is the world that is crazy and not me. But, thanks to the blogosphere, I see that this is indeed the case. Luckily, there are a strong few who do not confuse what is popular with what is right. Knowing those few exists is all the support I need for me to keep my sanity in this insane world.

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  9. Hamilton says:

    I certainly feel the intellectual loneliness at times. When I hear people at work talking about particular subjects I just keep quiet now, my views, no matter how they are phrased, are only expressed to other men who I trust.
    I too live in a part of the country where men are still allowed to be men, but the divorce rape laws and societal pressures to use men like tools are still there and I see them being used effectively. My church, for the most part, supports the Biblical models of femininity and masculinity. I say for the most part because some men, no mater what you tell them, are gammas and betas and act accordingly to try an influence the church. The majority of the time these influences are ignored but some are so subtle that they may take a week or two to identify and eradicate.
    My overarching purpose? To raise my three children with a firm Biblically based red pill understanding of life. I honestly think it is among the best things to teach them in preparation for what may come in their lifetime. Not to mention, I enjoy the process of removing the scales from my eyes, and it is a process for me. I’m not worried about changing the world or promoting red-pill thinking – the gap between reality and what’s happening now in Western culture is so wide that eventually things will come to a head. Reality has a harsh way of reinserting itself at just the right time.


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