Feminism Kills Civilization

As many of you may be aware, the West is slowly but surely declining. There are many explanations for why that is happening: massive debts, Keynesian economics, and mass-immigration from the third world. However, one of the primary culprits is feminism. Since the second wave of feminism that took place in the 1960s, we have seen a decrease in the amount of children who are born in wedlock.


We have also seen that this trend has deleterious effects on children growing up in a single parent household as I noted in a previous posting. The children who are being brought into this world are more likely to have been exposed to traumatic childhood events, thus increasing the likelihood that they will be maladjusted adults when they grow up.

So the children who are being born are being born into broken households but what about the children that aren’t being born at all? All over Western Civilization we see birthrates falling below replacement levels. Our birthrates are falling and the solutions being proposed are to flood our countries with immigrants from the third world. I won’t go into the negative consequences of multiculturalism but as Chateau Heartise says “Diversity + Proximity = War.”

Instead of finding love with a husband and a family, the modern woman feels that she will find love in laboring as a wage slave for some corporation. Instead of listening to her heart, she listens to the rally cries of her estrogen-filled comrades filling her mind with “you go girl-isms.” Today, we see now that marriage rates are the lowest they have ever been in history.

It’s a shame really. The high IQ woman who chooses to forego marriage and children to be a wage slave will never pass on her brilliance to the gene pool. This trend will only continue until full blown idiocracy has arrived on our doorstep.

The rise of feminism does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With that said, I think we should heed the advice of our good friend Aaron Clarey and enjoy the decline.


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10 Responses to Feminism Kills Civilization

  1. That marriage chart is shocking.


  2. I think it’s the you “you go girl-isms” that get me the most. I can stand feminists (I just assume they are mental patients in need of some treatment), but to see women who could have been normal fine women destroyed by their retarded female friends is heart breaking. Women travel in herds even off cliffs.

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  4. Robert What? says:

    The high IQ women who choose to forgo marriage and children…

    It’s more serious than you think. Boys inherit a lot of their intelligence from their mothers. So while a stupid woman and an intelligent man can still have intelligent daughters, they will almost certainly have stupid sons. So be prepared for a wave of extra stupid men in the coming decades.


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