The Price of Political Correctness

As some of you may be aware, a scandal has broken out across the pond in a small town called Rotherham.  Over 1,400 British children have been the victims of sexual abuse by “Asian” perpetrators.  Police have not taken action in any of these sexual abuse cases for fear that they may be labeled racists.

Yes, you read that correctly.  They feared being labeled as racists for apprehending criminals who raped, groomed, and sexually abused young British girls.  Lord knows that racism is the most egregious offence one can commit in the age of diversity, tolerance, and multiculturalism.  We must welcome our new “Asian” friends to the UK.  I have seen my fair share of Kung Fu movies and lord knows we do not want to piss off the “Asians.”

So, let’s meet the “Asians!”


Hmmm… wasn’t the type of “Asian” I was expecting…

“Asian” is of course a lovely PC epithet from the good folks at the BBC.  What they really mean is Pakistani Muslims, of which there just happens to be a sizable population in Rotherham.  Ah yes, the religion of peace strikes once again.  Whether it’s decapitating your soldiers, blowing up your buses, or raping your children, you can always count on the religion of peace to be there.

On the bright side, multiculturalism has enriched the United Kingdom in so many ways… errrr… like… they serve Halal at Subway now! You can literally taste the diversity!  Sadly, diversity does not come with bacon or ham because we don’t want to piss off the “Asians.”

Sadly, similar crimes are being committed in other parts of Europe as well.  Raping young white girls seems to be a pretty popular hobby in the “Asian” community as we see have seen in Malmö.  Aren’t you glad you voted for Labour?

So my British friends, you are now faced with a dilemma which you must address sooner or later: do we continue to be anti-racist and let this situation fester?  or do we go full-blown Reconquista on their asses?  This is the Muslim Question.

You must do something.  In case you all needed a reminder, the clock is ticking.  The demographic shot clock is winding down over the next several decades.  To aid you in your decision making, just imagine this flag flying over Westminster Palace:


If that doesn’t fire up your K-type circuits, then I don’t know what will.  Your naive friends of the progressive party have invited a very hostile and cancerous el-thede into your homelands and they are metastasizing very rapidly.  The progressives told you they would enrich you.  They told you they would improve the economy.  I am sorry to say they sold you a false bill of goods.

Now that they are in your communities, the left is telling you to play nice with your new neighbors.  To do otherwise would be racist!  Just ignore the fact that they are terrorizing your community on a daily basis.  Just remember that being racist is the most terrible thing you can do in Western Civilization these days.  Sure many more Brits will be robbed, raped, and murdered but at least they won’t be racist.

Say what you want about the American police but they sure as Hell wouldn’t stand for this shit.  They are not afraid to have the dreaded “R” word hurled their way.

Take one from the Ferguson playbook:


Roll deep on those assholes!

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