The Intolerant Politics of Reality


As I am sure you are all aware, on the day of the Presidential Inauguration our very own Richard Spencer was assaulted in Washington, DC while giving an interview. Surrounded by self- proclaimed anti-fascists, aka “antifa” who were waving signs that read “White Lives Matter Too Much”, a masked man cowardly sucker-punched Richard Spencer and ran off. The story blew up Twitter, meanwhile Washington was left in flames and broken glass from antifa who were protesting President-elect, now President, Donald Trump from being sworn into office.

You can already hear the likes of Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars, in his British accent, complaining about “the intolerant Left” and how they are simply avoiding having a debate about ideas. Paul is certainly right about that. But so what? This is a new age in American politics. We no longer live in a nation where friends and family can gather around the dinner table, discuss politics, and simply agree to disagree about some issues (or perhaps even convince one another that the other has a point – shock!). Oh no, those days are no more. The age of Reason is over.

This is bad news for those who fancy themselves as “rational skeptics” or classical liberals. They now find themselves in the ever-shrinking middle ground of politics. Slowly but surely, they are losing grounds to political radicals like antifa, the alt-right, or the various ethno-cultural voting blocks that exist in the US. Sorry Paul, no matter how convincing or sound your classical liberal logic and reason is, you are never going to convince more than 10% of Blacks to support your politics. The center cannot hold. So what are the likes of Paul going to do?

It seems the antifa are going to make that choice for them. The night before the inauguration, some of the “alt-lite” personalities – Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, and others, held a party titled the “DeploraBall” at the National Press Club. This party became the target of an antifa plot. Thanks are due to James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, for uncovering the antifa terrorist plot to put butyric acid in the ventilation system of the National Press Club. Butyric acid is the ingredient used in stink bombs. While it is unlikely anyone would have been harmed, the intention of the antifa was to cause mayhem and incite political fear in the DeploraBall attendees. This is the textbook definition of terrorism. It turns out that supporting Donald Trump for President makes you a de facto Nazi according to antifa, and that alone grants them the sense of moral righteousness to commit acts of terrorism and violence against you.

What do so-called rationalist classical liberals do when confronted with an extremely irrational political foe? I guess we will find out in due time. I will say that complaining about the “intolerant left” as they are bashing your heads in, setting fires, and smashing windows is probably not going to get you very far. They aren’t really interested in hearing how you are “one of the good Trump supporters” unlike those “bad people” over there, like Richard Spencer. To them, you are equally as deplorable as Richard Spencer. I mean, come on, you did vote for Literally Hitler™ over the almost First Female President, Hillary Clinton… and anyone who voted for Literally Hitler™ is a Nazi too! No amount of reasoning with these degenerates is going to change their minds.

The alt-right has its disagreements with the various personalities in the cultural libertarian movement. However, we are still willing to agree to disagree with you. We are not committing acts of violence against you (the alt-right is the religion of peace!) Meanwhile, le edgy faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos is having his speaking tour interrupted by violent antifa on a semi-regular basis. It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously harmed at one of his events (oops,too late).

I know this is a lot to ask of the alt-lite but it’s time to snap out of it already. It’s time to drop the rationalist way of looking at the world. That way of thinking is quickly becoming outdated. We are slowly finding ourselves moving closer and closer to civil war. There is already an unspoken civil war taking place as we speak. We see interracial violence in our country on a daily basis.

We are now beginning to see antifa move their cross-hairs from the likes of Richard Spencer to the likes of the everyday normal Trump supporter. There is no going back folks. The America you grew up loving where you could freely speak about ideas with one another is dead. We now live in the age of the soft totalitarianism of Political Correctness. However, that totalitarianism is quickly losing its softness as we find antifa have gleefully stepped into the role of the modern-day Cheka of the managerial state. It’s time to realize that there is not going to be a rational and logical discussion about the future of the USA, Europe, or Western Civilization. Our political opponents are emotionally and spiritually invested in seeing that we are all destroyed. This is the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. It is time to act accordingly.


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Dugin on White Nationalists

I consider the “White nationalists” allies when they refuse the Modernity, the global oligarchy and the liberal-capitalism that kill the ethnic cultures and traditions. Modern political order is seen as essentially global and based on the purely individual identity. It is worst order and should be completely destroyed. When “White nationalists” want reaffirm the Tradition and ancient culture of European peoples they are right. But when they attack immigrants, Muslims or the nationalists of the other countries (basing on historic conflicts), when they defend USA, atlanticism, liberalism or Modernity, when they consider the White race (that produced Modernity in its essential features) as the highest and other races as inferior I disagree with them totally. More than this: I can’t defend Whites against non-Whites, because being White and Indo-European myself, I recognize the difference of other ethnic groups as natural thing and refuse any hierarchy between peoples – because there isn’t and can’t be any common universal measure to compare the ethnic societies or systems of values. I am proud to be Russian exactly as Americans, Africans, Arabs or Chinese’s are proud to be what they are. It is our right and our dignity to affirm our identity. Not against each other but such as it is – without resentment to other or remorse for themselves.
I can’t defend Nation, because Nation is bourgeois concept imagined by Modernity in order to destroy the traditional societies (Empires) and religions and install artificial pseudo-communities based on the individual identity. All that is wrong. Nation is destroyed now by the same forces that have created that in the first stage of Modernity. The Nations have fulfilled their mission to destroy organic and spiritual identity and now the capitalists liquidate their proper instrument in favor of direct globalization. We need attack capitalism as absolute enemy responsible for creation of Nation as simulacrum of traditional society and for actual destruction of it. The reason of the present catastrophe lies deep in the ideological and philosophical bases of Modern World. And the Modernity is White and National (in the beginning), becoming global in the end.
So White nationalists should choose their real camp: Tradition (including their own Indo-European Tradition) or Modernity. The atlanticism, liberalism, individualism are forms of absolute evil for the Indo-European identity, they are incompatible with it. If “identitarians” love really their identity they should be with Eurasianists, with the traditionalists, with the enemies of capitalism of any political camp, people, religion or culture. Being anti-communist, anti-Muslim, anti-Eastern, pro-USA, atlanticist today means to belong to the other side, it means to be on the side of Global World Order and financial oligarchy. But that is illogical because the globalists consequently destroy any identity except individual one and making alliance with them means betrayal of the essence of the cultural identity.
The problem with the left is other. It quit good opposing capitalist order, but it lacks here spiritual dimension. Left usually represents itself as other way of modernization – that is the reason of the opposition to the organic values, traditions and religion.
So I would happy to see left identitarians who would defend the social justice, on one hand, attacking capitalism, and spiritual Tradition, on the other hand, attacking Modernity. The enemy is one: global liberal capitalist order with North-American hegemony (directed also against real American identity). We could win it only if we join our efforts.

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The Alt Right: The American Resistance

The United States is a sick place. In 1958, famous poet Ezra Pound once noted that “America is an insane asylum,” and those words seem truer today than they did back then. Many Americans feel that the United States is in decline. Our culture has become too hedonistic, too materialistic, too degenerate, too apathetic and too nihilistic.

Massive demographic changes are taking place that will permanently alter the fabric of society. Both men and women are fallen to a large degree from masculine and feminine ideals. Political Correctness has run amok and imposed a set of soft totalitarian speech codes upon our discourse. Our elites appear to be openly hostile to us.

Our media, which no one trusts anymore, is controlled by a therapeutic managerial state which seeks to modify our behaviors and thoughts through propaganda. If you have a problem with any of this then you are some type of thought criminal who needs to fired from your job, exiled from polite society, or sent off to be re-educated in the values of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’ If you are said thought criminal, then welcome to the resistance.

Finally, it seems that the winds are blowing in a new direction. We have identified the demon that is destroying our nation: globalism. Donald Trump built his entire presidential run on opposing globalism in favor of what he calls ‘Americanism’ – a type of civic nationalism.

This is a positive shift but it is not quite enough.

What is it about globalism that makes it so terrible? Sure, the off-shoring and outsourcing of labor overseas creates unfriendly economic conditions at home for some American workers. That is not the most damaging effect of globalism though. The most damaging effect of globalism is the free movement of labor across borders – that is to say immigration, mass Third World immigration. Importation of different ethno-cultural groups is damaging to our culture and our way of life. It deracinates and degenerates the traditional American nation – that is to say White people, people of European ancestry.

This has become more than just immigration with failure to assimilate – this is an invasion. Multiculturalism is just colonialism in reverse. We are being colonized. We are being replaced.

“But America is a nation of immigrants!” you hear our critics screech. America has been throughout most of its history a White nation. Sure, there were various ethnicities that came to the US: the English, the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, etc. Sure, there were many different religious denominations that came as well. These various Europeans all assimilated to an Anglo-Saxon culture.

The traditional American nation that existed up until 1965 was a White nation. Sure, there were a handful of other groups like Blacks or Native Americans that constituted about 10% of the population. It is important to note that even after having shared this continent with other races for centuries there has still not been any assimilation of these groups – only a desire to be separate from us.

People of European ancestry have come to define what it means to be an American. White Americans are the de facto American whereas all other racial groups are some type of hyphenated American. By replacing the traditional American nation, you replace America. It becomes something entirely different. It will never be the same either.

This is why Trump’s civic nationalism is not enough because it ultimately does not solve the most damning aspect of globalism. If anyone can be an American simply by filling out their paperwork properly then being an American is entirely meaningless. Even in Trump’s America, we will still find ourselves culturally and racially alienated from our own countrymen. We will still find ourselves living in an America which is changing for the worse.

Don’t get me wrong, I do admire Donald Trump. I admire him for clearing the way for our movement. He has given us a chance to breakthrough and try and save the traditional American nation.

The Alt Right is the sole authentic resistance movement of our time. Do not be fooled by other so-called revolutionary or populist movements as they only offer you false hope. As mentioned previously, the Trumpian ‘New Right’ of civic nationalism is simply inadequate along with the other names it is known by – Western chauvinism, cultural libertarianism, or the ‘alt lite‘. The Bernie Sanders movement was a promising populist movement on the political left that we saw in 2016. Sadly, their movement is entirely compatible with the design of the managerial state. In many ways, their populist demands will only increase the size and power of the managerial state as they demand more social programs while grumbling about the corporate greed of the 1%. Not to mention that their “anti-racist” rhetoric is entirely aligned with the multiculturalist agenda of the managerial state. Civic nationalism and left-wing populism offer phony opposition to the system.

If you really want to challenge the status quo and speak truth to power then join the Alt Right. The Alt Right seeks to wage all-out metapolitical warfare against all enemies of the traditional American nation. We are identitarians and this is our concern. We seek to preserve and foster White identity – both here at home and globally around the world to all of our European brothers and sisters no matter where they may be.

Considering that the USA is the breeding grounds for globalism and has cultural hegemony that reaches every inch of this planet, we American identitarians find ourselves in the heart of Mordor. Our success here will very likely determine the future of all European people around the globe who find themselves in a very similar boat of being replaced in their own homelands by Third Worlders. Our movement is a global effort in alliance with European identitarians of all stripes. We must unite to destroy the great evil that is destroying our peoples.

We will halt the Third World invasion. We will reverse its colonialism. We will destroy the ideology of globalism. We will fight. We will win. We have no other option.


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A Nugget from Noam Chomsky

For those of you who enjoy debating with leftoids, here’s a bomb you can drop on them that comes from the mouth of one of their own, Noam Chomsky:

Question: Professor Chomsky, one issue where I’ve noticed that activists get kind of a good press in the United States — and it seems out of sync with what we usually see — is coverage of people protesting South African apartheid (official system of racial segregation and white supremacy, the legal basis for which was largely repealed in 1990-91). I’m wondering if you have any ideas why coverage of that might be a bit more positive.

Answer: “I think you’re right: anti-apartheid movements in the United States do get a pretty good press — so when some mayor or something demonstrates against South Africa, there’s usually kind of a favorable report on it. And I think the main reason is that Western corporations themselves are basically anti-apartheid by this point, so that’s going to tend to be reflected in the media coverage.

See, South Africa had been going through an internal economic transformation, from a society based on extractive industry to one based on industrial production — and that transformation has changed the nature of international interests in South Africa. As long as South Africa was primarily a society whose wealth was based on extracting diamonds, gold, uranium and so on, what you needed were large numbers of slaves, basically — people who would go down into the mines and work for a couple years, then die and be replaced by others. So you needed an illiterate, subdued population of workers, with families getting just enough income to produce more slaves, but not much more than that — then either you sent them down in to the minds, or you turned them into mercenaries in the army and so on to help them control others. That was traditional South Africa. But as South Africa changes to an industrial society, those needs also are beginning to change: now you don’t need slaves primarily, what you need is a docile, partially educated workforce.

Something similar happened in the United States during our industrial revolution, actually. Mass public education was introduced in the United States in the nineteenth century as a way of training the largely rural workforce here for industry — in fact, the general population in the United States largely was opposed to public education, because it meant taking kids off the farms where they belonged and where they worked with their families, and forcing them into this setting in which they were basically trained to become industrial workers. That was a part of the whole transformation of American society in the nineteenth century, and that transformation is now taking place for the black population in South Africa — which means for about 85 percent of the people there. So the white South African elites, and international investors generally, now need a workforce that is trained for industry, not just slaves for the mines. And that means they need people who can follow instructions, and read diagrams, and be managers and foremen, things like that — so slavery is just not the right system for the country anymore, they need to move towards something more like what we have in the United States. And it’s pretty much for that reason that the West has become anti-apartheid, and that the media will therefore tend to give anti-apartheid movements a decent press.

I mean, usually political demonstrations get very negative reporting in the United States, not matter what they’re for, because they show that people can do things, that they don’t just have to be passive and isolated — and you’re not supposed to have that lesson, you’re supposed to think that you’re powerless and can’t do anything. So any kind of public protest typically won’t be covered here, except maybe locally, and usually it will get very negative reporting; when it’s protest agaisnt the policies of a favored U.S. ally, it always will. But in the case of South Africa, the reporting is quite supportive: so if people go into corporate shareholder meetings and make a fuss about disinvestment [withdrawing investments from South Africa to pressure its government], generally they’ll get a favorable press these days.

Of course, its not that what they’re doing is wrong — what they’re doing is right. But they should understand that the reason they’re getting a reasonably favorable press right now is that, by this point, business regards them as its troops — corporate executives don’t really want apartheid in South Africa anymore. It’s like the reason that business was willing to support the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. American business had no use for Southern apartheid, in fact it was bad for business.

See, capitalism is not fundamentally racist — it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn’t built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangeable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous. Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist — just because its anti-human. And race is in fact a human characteristic — there’s no reason why it should be a negative characteristic, but it is a human characteristic. So therefore identifications based on race interfere with the basic ideal that people should be available just as consumers and producers, interchangeable cogs who will purchase all the junk that’s produced — that’s their ultimate function, and any other properties they might have are kind of irrelevent, and usually a nuisance.”

Noam Chomsky, Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky (New York: The New York Press, 2002), pp.88-89

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Our Values

We hear a lot of talk these days about “our” values. We hear that Donald Trump doesn’t represent “our” values. That immigration restriction is not one of “our” values. That the alt right does not represent “our” values. So I think it’s about high time we had a talk about “our” values.

The talking heads and pundits talking about “our” values are talking about their values. They are talking about the values of post-modern, liberal, globalist, managerial elites. They are talking about the values of coastal cosmopolitans. They are talking about Beltway insiders. They are talking about the freaks and the fringes that make up the modern Democrat party. They are not talking about us.

Who is us? Let me tell you who we are. You liberals may know us as racist xenophobes. We are those rubes and rednecks in flyover country sometimes known as ‘the silent majority’. We are those people who you disparage as ignorant white trash. We are the people you mock on your degenerate TV shows. That’s how you may know us as.

We are the people who grow your food. We are the people who work in the coal mines and oil fields. We are the people who drive the semi trucks. We are the people who work in the steel mills and automobile factories… at least what’s left of them. We are the heart and soul of this nation. We are White Christian America. When people think of Americans, they don’t think of one of your purple-haired freaks or deracinated cosmopolitan mulattoes. They don’t think about your coalition of the fringes. They think about us. They think about us because we are Americana. We are the backbone, the heart and the soul of this nation. You better believe it too.

So back to “our” values… “Our” values are not your values. “Our” values are that we are a White European-American Christian nation. “Our” values are the traditional family. “Our” values are heroic. “Our” values are not Aztec, Arab, or African or any other type of third worlder you import here to replace us. “Our” values are people, our people, over profits.

We don’t want anything to do with your values. Your values are degenerate. They’re individualistic, hedonistic and materialistic. Your values are nihilistic.

Also, let it be known that 2016 was not the year that White America in its death throes lashed out one last time just to disappear into the rising tide of color that is the browning multicultural America. Oh no. This was our first chance. This is the birth of a nation. A real nation, not some phony proposition nation. This is a nation of blood and of soil. Our ancestors shed blood, sweat and tears over every square inch of this continent and I’ll be damned to Hell if we are going to give it up without a fight. This year was our coming out party. This was the year the traditional American nation took a stand for something greater than meaningless consumerism or Utopian bullshit ideals. This was the year we decided to fight back. Just remember, we are not trapped in here with you. No, it is you who is trapped in here with us.

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Strauss and Identitarianism

Leo Strauss is an important 20th century thinker on the American Right, particularly the neoconservative movement. He had a very strong Jewish identity, and viewed his philosophy as a means of ensuring Jewish survival in the Diaspora. Strauss believed that liberalism was good for Jews because the illiberal alternatives on the left (Communism) and the right (Nazism) became extremely hostile towards Jews. However, Strauss believed that liberalism was not ideal because liberal societies tended to break down group loyalties and group distinctiveness – both which are essential for the survival of Jews.(1) As an identitarian, I too am concerned about the preservation of my White, that is to say European, identity within a liberal society. As we have seen with liberalism, it has led to the deracination of our people through globalism, immigration, and multiculturalism. With the ascendancy of Donald J. Trump, we now find ourselves with a unique opportunity to combat the forces that ultimately aim to destroy us.


Donald Trump’s ascendancy all the way to the White House has opened an opportunity for the alt-right movement to finally move into the world of actual politics. Firstly, Donald Trump and his brand of civic nationalism, Trumpism, has done away with conservatism, which is nothing more than a strand of liberalism. To be fair, civic nationalism is also entirely congruent with liberalism since it posits that anyone can technically become an American as long as they follow the proper channels to immigrate here legally.

However, civic nationalism is a step towards ethno-nationalism, which ceases to be liberal. Secondly, Trumpism has tapped into the heart and mind of White America and unleashed a massive wave of populism. We in the alt-right have already benefited from this wave of populism. In particular, we have grown in size and popularity over the course of the past year. Finally, not only has Trumpism ‘activated’ White America, but it has also proven itself to be a winning strategy as Trump has broken through blue state strongholds to achieve electoral victory. I propose we ride this wave of Trumpism as far as it can possibly take us. However, we must be smart about it.

Having gotten to interact with many Trump supporters over the course of the past year, particularly those in real life who are not self-proclaimed members of the alt-right, I can tell you that these people are not prepared for White Nationalism. In fact, most of them will probably never become full-blown identitarians. While the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters are White, there were a substantial number of non-Whites who came out to support Trump this past election (more than Romney for both Blacks and Hispanics in fact).

Unfortunately, and in addition, many of the Whites who do support Trump often display cucky behaviors (trans-racial adoption, miscegenation, DemsRRealRacists, etc). However, this coalition of people all rallied behind the politics of Donald Trump. This is quite spectacular because he was compared to Hitler on a daily basis, accused him of having ties to the alt-right, and was even called a racist by members of his own party.

These Trump supporters have not deconstructed racism like we have and they will often go out of their way to signal how ‘anti-racist’ they are because they view ‘being racist’ as a very bad thing. Yet we in the alt-right find ourselves within this Trumpist coalition of decent people despite being the most deplorable of them all! It really was quite the phenomenon, seeing normal everyday American conservatives interacting with the alt-right (who had all but given up mainstream politics up until Trump). There were even instances where the lines had been blurred between the normies and the alt-right and you couldn’t tell what camp the people fell in. This is our entry point to the world of politics and exercising power.


Strauss was ultimately not a liberal. He held the belief that inequalities exist amongst people and were inevitable, and he advocated rule by an aristocratic elite who pay lip service to the masses while not actually sharing their beliefs. Given that Strauss was very concerned about Jewish survival, it is reasonable to assume that Strauss believed that this aristocracy would serve Jewish interests. I think we can all agree that it is time for an aristocracy that serves our interests.

In 1952 Strauss published Persecution and the Art of Writing where he talks about exoteric and esoteric language. External exoteric language is directed at outsiders and an internal esoteric language is directed at in-group members. Exoteric language is often expressed in the language of moral universalism to appeal to the masses. Universalist rhetoric to mask particularist causes is the hallmark of many Jewish intellectual and political movements (this should sound familiar to any of those who have read the work of Kevin MacDonald). This is where the alt-right can learn from Strauss.

The rhetoric of Trumpism is exoteric in that is morally universalistic. ‘American’ has become such a diluted nationality that it really doesn’t mean anything to be an American Nationalist, since technically anyone can become an American. This is the language that the coalition of Trump voters rallied around because it is a nationalism for all Americans. It is not explicitly White American Nationalism. As I stated earlier, your average Trump supporter is never going to become an identitarian or White Nationalist. However, they will rally behind Trumpism. They will support White Nationalist policies such as deporting illegal immigrants, building a wall, banning Muslims, and introducing a moratorium on immigration.

Strauss espoused moral universalism as a veneer for his vision of a hierarchical society where the masses were ruled by elites. I am advocating that the alt-right become the elites and philosopher kings that speak exoterically to the White American masses to mask our own particularist cause – the preservation of White Americans. Now go forth dear reader, and infiltrate the institutions. Stoke the flames of Trumpism to keep it alive, and in doing so we can ride this wave of populism to victory.

1. MacDonald, Kevin. Understanding Jewish Influence: A Study In Ethnic Activism. 2004. Washington Summit Publishers.

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Deconstructing “Racism”

Race and racism have become central to modern politics. Nearly every political question, no matter how trivial or benign, is turned into an issue of race. Leftists thrive on non-white identity politics, while conservatives typically avoid the issue. They often claim they are above it all and wish that their political opponents would simply stop racializing political issues. But this is never going to happen. Asking the Left to stop playing identity politics is comparable to asking one football team to quit scoring so many touchdowns because it is unfair to their opponents. Identity politics is a winning strategy for the Left. This is especially true because the Right refuses to play the identity politics game. It has been a one-sided battle for over fifty years now.

If you are reading this essay you are probably a disaffected conservative or libertarian (or maybe even a progressive) who is sick and tired of being beaten over the head with the dreaded “R” word. Racism is a very complex issue and takes a complex approach to understanding it. 

What is “Racism”?

Most people think that “racism” is disliking someone simply because he belongs to a different race. But “racism” is much more complicated than that. To quote a passage from Wilmot Robertson’s The Dispossessed Majority: 

As the idea is to ideology, so the concept of race is to racism. This leads to the definition of racism as a belief in the race idea. But belief implies some measure of assent, some inward or outward activation of the belief. Racism, accordingly, can be described as the overt or covert expression of the concept of race at one or more levels of human activity-in politics, art, religion, business, community life, and in the privacy of the home.[1]

Perhaps, now you see why the Republican party is called racist all the time. The GOP is not a white Identitarian or White Nationalist party. However, it is a party that is almost exclusively made up of white people. The policies the GOP advocates for may not appear to be racist on the surface but are implicitly racist because they are claiming to represent what are seemingly white interests. This is that covert expression of race and the GOP is very guilty of dog-whistling on such issues, i.e., talking about welfare queens, illegal immigration, and urban crime. Sadly, the GOP does nothing to actually address these issues. They just talk about them to keep white voters in their ranks.

When white people express their self-interest as a group, they are called racists for doing so. When non-whites express their self-interest as a group, they are called heroic. This is a blatant double standard. This racism thing seems to be a one-way street. It only works against white interests. 

Political Correctness, Heresy, & the Church of Secular Liberalism

Americans often believe in the misconception that the USA is a free country. This is not entirely true. It is true that people are not being sent to Gulags, jailed, or put to death for their speech. However, if one dabbles in thoughtcrime, you might find yourself socially ostracized, out of a job, and unemployable in the future. You don’t need the government to stifle speech when corporations, NGOs, universities, Hollywood, and the media are doing a great job of keeping a lid on what is or is not acceptable speech in public discourse. Although, with the rise of the Alt Right and the demographic shift taking place in this country, do not be surprised if “hate speech” laws become a reality within our lifetime. A kind of soft totalitarianism exists within our society, and the policing is mostly done by the elite managerial class. These managers are also the ideological enforcers. They essentially constitute the “state.”

What is the ideology of the elites? Secular Liberalism. Liberalism is a belief in things such as democracy, liberty, and equality; especially the equality part. The USA is just as much of an ideological entity as the Fascist and Communist regimes of the past, minus the hard totalitarianism. In order for a society to be functional, its citizenry must be ideologically aligned with the “state.” Society would not function very well if half of the electorate were Communists and half of the electorate were Fascists. Such a society would eventually collapse into civil war. So everyone living under the Secular Liberal state of the USA must be some kind of a secular liberal, i.e., a libertarian, a conservative, or a progressive. While these various factions may bicker about tax rates or government programs, they all agree to the orthodoxy of Secular Liberalism in their own way: that all human beings are created equal.

What if you do not believe that all human beings are created equal? As Ramzpaul puts it: “In Soviet Russia, you would be called a counter-revolutionary for challenging the state ideology. In Soviet America, you would be called a racist for challenging the state ideology.”

Enter the Alt Right.

You may ask be asking yourself, “What is or isn’t racist?” Lots of things are racist. Using the dreaded nigger word in conversation is racist, and most everyone would agree that is racist. However, talking about the correlation between race and IQ or race and crime is also called racist by the thought police. Why is that? Using a racial slur or citing scientific evidence that race is a biological reality with real social consequences are both racist, because they involve differentiation. You have distinguished between us and them. This implies that there are different groups, and difference is not equality. You have challenged the ruling ideology. You have committed heresy in the church of Secular Liberalism.

Secular Liberalism—which includes multiculturalism, egalitarianism, and political correctness—really is a religion because it takes faith to believe in things contrary to evidence. The Alt Right is a movement of heretics. Whether we are using offensive language or scientific evidence, we are making our point that there is an us and a them; that race is biologically real. 

Only White People Can Be Racist

If you have been paying attention to the changes in political discourse over the past decade or so, you may have run across the meme that “only white people can be racist.” Now, you might think that this statement is racist towards white people (what is also sometimes called reverse racism). Reverse racism is an interesting concept because it implies that normal racism is a sin only committed by white people against other races. So-called “anti-racists” promote the idea that there is no such thing as reverse racism, or no such thing as racism against whites. They often cite the mantra that racism is power plus prejudice. Since white people are the only people in society with power, they are the only people in society who are racist. Of course, whites do not hold all the power in American society. If we did, do you really think we would advocate an immigration policy that diminishes our power, ultimately to nothing? Worst. White Supremacy. Ever. 

Understanding White Privilege

Critical Race Theory (CRT) promotes the idea of “white privilege.” Most whites scoff at the notion that by virtue of our race that we have some kind of in-born privilege. But if you reply that you grew up in a lower-middle class environment and had to work for everything in your life to get to where you are, it falls on deaf ears. “White privilege” is the notion that you live in a society whose institutions, culture, and history were forged by white people for the benefit of their posterity (you). Also, it is the notion that whites have passive advantages that you may not know about, which distinguishes white privilege from overt bias or prejudice. These include cultural affirmations of one’s own worth, presumed greater social status, and freedom to move, buy, work, play, and speak freely.

So, in Japan, do the Japanese have Japanese privilege? Do the Nigerians have Nigerian privilege in Nigeria? What about the Nicaraguans? Do Jews in Israel have Jewish privilege? You get the picture. Isn’t it a good thing that people create a society in which they and their posterity will feel at home? Do you think the Japanese would’ve built up their culture, institutions, etc. just to hand it all over to Somalians? Of course not! Is it a crime that Japanese people get to enjoy the fruits of their ancestors hard work and sacrifice? Of course not. So why should white people feel guilty about having white privilege? If non-whites don’t feel at home in white societies, we do not have to accommodate them. They just have to go home.

White guilt is what drives the white privilege narrative. Without it, it would go nowhere. The moment that whites drop the slave morality of “checking their privilege” and start embracing the master morality of taking their own side, then it falls apart. With that said, white privilege—which is really no privilege at all, but the basic right to feel at home somewhere on this planet—is great and we need more of it! 

White Guilt

White guilt is a powerful force all throughout North America and Western Europe. Jewish American professor Paul Gottfried wrote a book about it, Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt: Towards a Secular Theocracy, in which he discusses how celebrations of diversity, multiculturalism, and white guilt are degrading our once dominant Western culture. Another term for White guilt is ethno-masochism, which Guillaume Faye describes as, “the masochistic tendency to blame and devalue one’s ethnicity, one’s own people.” It is all part of a collective psychopathology, provoked by a concerted propaganda campaign to make European feel guilty about how they’ve treated other peoples. It is part of an original sin of the European man’s intrinsic racism and he must feel guilty for who he is.[2]

White guilt manifests itself in a variety of ways. From trans-racial adoptions, to miscegenation, to excuses for why we must permit endless mass third world immigration, to pandering to Black Lives Matter, and to endless apologetics for being racist for taking our own side. When will whites finally be absolved of their original sin of racism? Likely never. 

Why the Hate?

To quote Finnish nationalist intellectual Kai Murros, “without hate, one cannot possibly know love.” Some people seem hateful because they are fueled by a passionate desire to protect what they love and cherish: their race, their culture, their homelands, and their way of life. The notion of loving everyone and hating hate is just a mindless Leftist cliché.

It is impossible to love everyone, and if you could, then your love would ultimately be meaningless. If you love everyone, then you love no one. Love is a very powerful emotion and should only be reserved for a limited amount of people, typically only people who would reciprocate those feelings.

Since love is powerful, so is hate. Hate does not come from nowhere. Hate comes because we love. We hate those who try and harm the people and things we love. With that said, people do not typically hate those they do not know, have never met, and are not trying to destroy the things we love. For example, most people do not hate the people of New Guinea because they have never met any before. They aren’t in our lands, they aren’t assaulting our people, and they aren’t destroying our way of life. It is only when we are made to live in close proximity to those unlike ourselves that we hate others.

Harvard professor Robert Putnam wrote a whole book about this, Bowling Alone, where being close proximity to diversity makes us dislike and distrust our neighbors. It drains our communities of social capital.

So yes, in the Alt Right you will find those who are prejudiced towards others. However, I do not think their prejudices are entirely unwarranted. If you felt your way of life was being destroyed by another group of people, don’t you think you’d be a tad bit prejudiced towards that group? 


There is a limited amount of space on this planet for all of the people in the world to exist. Africa is for Africans, Asia is for Asians, but white countries are for everyone. Only white countries are practicing multiculturalism, and there is no sign that other countries will adopt it. Since space is limited, when non-whites arrive in white countries, they have appropriated space that once belonged to us for our culture and our way of life. When they arrive, they begin dabbling in politics and reducing our political power in our homelands. Once demographics have shifted enough, eventually whites will not be able to exercise any political power or self-determination in deciding their destinies in our own homelands. This is why we do not have time for political correctness. This is why we do not care about being called racists. This is why you will see some people in the Alt Right expressing prejudice. Our race, our culture, our traditions, our ways of life are being threatened with extinction. Mexico will always be Mexican. Japan will always be Japanese. But will White Americans have a place to call home? Will the English have a place to call home? How about the French? Based on current demographic trends they won’t. The Alt Right aims to fix that.

Originally Published at Counter-Currents


1. Wilmot Robertson, The Dispossessed Majority (Cape Canaveral, Florida: Howard Allen, 1981), p.7.

2. Guillaume Faye, Why We Fight (London: Arktos, 2011), p. 136

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